Training Opportunities Sample Clauses

Training Opportunities. The employer shall inform employees of available resources for training and shall not unreasonably deny employees opportunities to participate or access such resources.
Training Opportunities. (i) The Seniority Bid Program is limited to training opportunities by way of a training program for a vacant or new position;
Training Opportunities. (a) During each fiscal year, the City will schedule on-the-job train- ing in higher rated job classifications. The City will notify the Union of such training opportunities. The training will be distributed among employees who indicate a desire to receive it, with rotation for such training starting with the most senior employee applying for such training. Trainers who shall be bargaining unit employees whenever possible providing training on off-duty hours will be compensated for their time as provided in this Agreement. Trainees will not be compensated for time spent training on off- duty hours. Whenever in the judgment of the supervisor it is necessary for safety or to insure effective training, a person qualified to operate equip- ment used in training will supervise the trainee. Hours spent training will not be subject to the provisions of Section 12.8
Training Opportunities. Employees who desire to learn the skills required to perform the work in other positions for the Employer may request of the department head, the use of Employer materials or equipment for the purpose. Another employee competent to train and familiarize the employee with the job requirements and skills must be available at all times during the time the employee is learning the new skills. The employees participating in such training must not take time away from their regular job duties. Opportunities for on-the-job training shall be offered in seniority order to those who have expressed interest in writing. Requests under this Article shall not be unreasonably denied.
Training Opportunities. If a position has not been taken by an at risk supervisor, the Appointing Authority of the co- located college may designate a position within the college which may be filled as a “training opportunity.” The training opportunity shall be offered to supervisors on the basis of MMA experimental language. In connection with a training opportunity, the following shall also apply:
Training Opportunities. Training and professional development opportunities shall be provided to Employees at the expense of the Board if the training/professional development is required by the Board, or by law. Employees attending required training/professional development will be paid at their regular hourly rate with applicable travel and meal reimbursement as per Board policy. Any Employee who is required to engage in or administer any medically related procedure shall receive adequate training on such procedures. This training will be provided by medical professional or appropriately trained and qualified individuals. Employees who have direct responsibility to special needs students will be afforded training as part of the IEP. The employee will be given all appropriate training to service the student’s needs including medical, behavioral and lifting techniques within the two weeks or ten (10) working days of being assigned to special needs students(s). The Supervisor will alternate the location (Clewiston or LaBelle) for in- service or training that is provided countywide to employees on a regular basis.