Publicity Materials Sample Clauses

Publicity Materials. Sponsoring Institution will, and will ensure that Grantee will, cooperate with LLS in connection with any written photographic, filmed, broadcast or any other forms of materials LLS elects to produce to publicize the Sponsored Research.
Publicity Materials. (o) For all programs, a Word document of a first class professional standard to be delivered in electronic copy (on CD) or by File Transfer Protocol (FTP) no later than eight (8) weeks after completion of principal photography and in any event no later than 4 weeks prior to the Delivery Date (or where staggered delivery is agreed in Schedule 1, the first Delivery Date) (unless required earlier as specified) comprising:
Publicity Materials. Franchise agrees herein to provide Bay with free access to all publicity and advertising materials which have been prepared (and cleared by Franchise) in connection with the theatrical release of each Included Picture (provided, that any costs associated with duplication of such materials shall be borne by Bay and recoupable by Bay hereunder). The Parties agree that Bay may use such publicity and advertising materials to promote, advertise and market all Products developed in connection with the applicable Included Picture.
Publicity Materials. The parties agree to submit to the other, any advertising, sales promotion and other publicity materials relating to the activities of JetBlue, pursuant to this Agreement in which LiveTV or the DBS satellite service provider e.g. DIRECTV(R)s name or names are mentioned, or language, signs, markings or symbols are used from which the connection of DIRECTV(R)'s name or names may, be reasonably inferred or implied. The parties shall use commercially reasonable efforts to provide such approval or rejection within twenty-five (25) days of submission of the materials.
Publicity Materials. Materials under 2,3 and 4 shall be delivered to Licensee upon execution of the present Agreement, free of charge, at Licensee’s expenses.
Publicity Materials. The jointly sponsoring organization and aPA representative collaborate to compose the publicity materials, typically a brochure or mailing. aPA requires the following information to be included on the brochure:
Publicity Materials. Publicity materials, including at least reproduction quality color and black and white photographs of the principal actors and key scenes from the Picture.
Publicity Materials. 1.2.1 two (2) copies of the Film posters;
Publicity Materials a. During the Term, Influencer gives to Company a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub-licensable right to copy, display, distribute and otherwise use Influencer’s name, likeness, and persona, as well as Influencer’s trademarks, logos, social media handles, and domain names (collectively, “Influencer’s IP”).
Publicity Materials. Renter must provide Crosstown Arts with poster or publicity graphic for archives, plus 2-4 digital images or videos of your event. Crosstown Arts agrees to place event listing on Crosstown Arts website within 48 hours of signing and submitting this agreement.