Medical equipment definition

Medical equipment means equipment used in a patient care environment to support patient treatment and diagnosis.
Medical equipment means equipment prescribed or distributed by a practitioner used in the course of treatment of home care.
Medical equipment means technologically sophisticated medical devices, including, but not limited to:

Examples of Medical equipment in a sentence

  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Prosthetic Devices and Disposable Medical Supplies $20,000 12-month period limit for DME, prosthetics, devices and disposable medical supplies (diabetic supplies and equipment are not counted against this ccap).

  • Xxxxx County Home Medical Equipment, LLC Encore Home Health Care, Inc.

  • As used herein, the term Medical Equipment shall not include medical equipment used in connection with a New Ancillary Service (as hereinafter defined).

  • Durable Medical Equipment does not include: prescription drugs, athletic equipment, exercise or massage equipment, equipment placed in the Insured’s body, or items commonly found in a household.

  • Examples of Durable Medical Equipment include: walkers, hospital-style beds, crutches, and wheelchairs.

More Definitions of Medical equipment

Medical equipment means fixed and movable equipment that is used by a provider in the provision of a health care service. "Medical equipment" includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Medical equipment means equipment that assists in providing disabled
Medical equipment means a single unit of medical equipment or a single system of components with related functions that is used to provide health services.
Medical equipment means any of the following items that are intended for use by the consumer in the consumer's place of residence:
Medical equipment means a single equipment component or a related system of components that is used for clinical purposes.
Medical equipment means any instrument, apparatus or machine, intended for use in the clinical diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and direct care of users that needs to be calibrated, maintained, repaired and decommissioned;
Medical equipment means equipment prescribed or distributed by a practitioner used