Responsibility Sample Clauses

Responsibility. The failure of any Non-Funding Lender to make any Revolving Loan, to fund any purchase of any participation to be made or funded by it, or to make any payment required by it hereunder on the date specified therefor shall not relieve any other Lender of its obligations to make such loan, fund the purchase of any such participation, or make any other payment required hereunder on such date, and neither Agent nor, other than as expressly set forth herein, any other Lender shall be responsible for the failure of any Non-Funding Lender to make a loan, fund the purchase of a participation or make any other payment required hereunder.
Responsibility. The designation of any committee and the delegation of authority to it shall not operate to relieve the board of directors or any director of any responsibility imposed upon it or such director by law.
Responsibility. Although this agreement may be signed below by more than one person, each of the undersigned understands that they are each as individuals responsible and jointly and severally liable for paying back the full amount.
Responsibility. As the Centre is legally separate from UNESCO, the latter shall not be legally responsible for the acts or omissions of the Centre, and shall also not be subject to any legal process, and/or bear no liabilities of any kind, be they financial or otherwise, with the exception of the provisions expressly laid down in this Agreement.
Responsibility. Neither LESSOR nor OWNER shall be held liable to anyone for loss or damage caused in any way by the use, leakage, seepage or escape of water from any source, or for the cessation of any service rendered customarily to said premises or buildings, or agreed to by the terms of this lease, due to any accident, the making of repairs, alterations or improvements, labor difficulties, weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns, trouble or scarcity in obtaining fuel, electricity, service or supplies from the sources from which they are usually obtained for said building, or any cause beyond LESSOR's immediate control.
Responsibility. You agree to pay all charges (purchases, balance transfers and cash advances) to your Account made by you or anyone authorized by you to use your Account or Card, whether or not you notify Credit Union that they will be using your Account or Card. You also agree to pay all finance charges and other charges added to your Account under the terms of this Agreement or another agreement you made with Credit Union. Delivering the Card to another person constitutes authorization of that person to use the Card. If you want to cancel the authorized or permitted use of your Account or Card by another person, you must let Credit Union know in writing, and if that person has a Card, you must return that Card cut in half with your written notice. Each of you is jointly and individually responsible for paying all amounts owed under this Agreement. Credit Union can require any one of you individually to repay the entire amount owed under this Agreement. Each of you authorizes the other(s) to make purchases or cash advances individually.
Responsibility. Contractor shall be fully responsible to the County for the acts and omissions of subcontractors and all persons directly or indirectly employed by them as he is for the acts and omissions of himself and of persons-directly or indirectly employed by him and shall pay each subcontractor promptly the amount allowed Contractor on account of such subcontractor's Work to the extent of such subcontractor's interest therein.