Project Management Plan Sample Clauses

Project Management Plan. 3.2.1 Developer is responsible for all quality assurance and quality control activities necessary to manage the Work, including the Utility Adjustment Work. Developer shall undertake all aspects of quality assurance and quality control for the Project and Work in accordance with the approved Project Management Plan, Good Industry Practice and applicable Law.
Project Management Plan. 1 3.4.1 Developer is responsible for all quality assurance and quality control 2 activities necessary to manage the Work, including the Utility Adjustment Work.
Project Management Plan. A Project Management Plan (PMP) shall be prepared by the Engineer to identify work organization, responsibilities, and coordination, and communication procedures. The Engineer shall incorporate: services to be provided by the State, services to be provided by the Engineer, and the project schedule with DocuSign Envelope ID: BC9C016B-5A52-45C4-B28D-A91989A94E2D DocuSign Envelope ID: DEE8D1E1-E43A-4EEA-8FC1-F207966DDF38 Contract No. 36-6IDP5368 PeopleSoft Contract No. 5683 target dates for milestones into the PMP. The PMP shall contain the Public Involvement Plan (PIP), meetings and deliverable dates, and contact information for study team members. DELIVERABLES The Engineer shall provide the following:  Invoices  Progress Reports (monthly)  Project Schedule (1 complete electronic document)  Correspondence  Meeting Minutes  Logs of phone calls and conference calls  PMP document (1 complete electronic document) FUNCTION CODE 160 (150, 160, 161, 162, 163) – ROADWAY DESIGN
Project Management Plan. The Grantee may not obligate or expend any funds (federal, state or private) for final design and/or construction of the Project, or commence any part of final design and/or construction for the Project or any component of the Project, without receiving FRA’s prior written approval of a project management plan that complies with the requirements of 49 U.S.C. §24403(a) and the relevant section(s) of the HSIPR Program Interim Guidance/NOFA through which this Project was selected for funding (see, e.g., section 2.2 of the NOFA published in the Federal Register on June 23, 2009 (74 FR 29900)). The project management plan should document assumptions and decisions regarding communications, management processes, execution and overall project control.
Project Management Plan. Describes the overall project management approach and schedule throughout the lifecycle of the project. The Project Management Plan will define the following (at a minimum): a) Risk and Issue Management Plans & Logs – Risk and Issue Management Plan, Escalation Plan, and Risk and Issue Register (which must comply with the requirements of the Texas Project Delivery Framework) b) Integrated Change Management Plan – Outlines the process for identifying, evaluating, authorizing, and implementing proposed changes in requirements, schedule, and budget, as well as solution design and acceptance criteria i) For change management, a change is defined as any modification within the scope of or reasonably related to the SOW content including any content in all SOW attachments, such as the Requirements Traceability Matrix. If a potential change is identified by a member of the project team, including the Contractor or OCA (or other internal/external stakeholder), then the change management process outlined below shall be used to initiate a formal Change Request. Similarly, whenever significant deviations are anticipated or reported against implementation processes, schedule or cost, a Change Request is required to re-baseline the project. ii) Change Requests can be initiated at any stakeholder level and may or may not require a formal contract change depending upon its scope. Either OCA or Contractor may initiate a Change Request for a desired process change, Activities Work Products • Develop weekly status reports and schedule ongoing communications for the project • Provide Ongoing Project Management Duties – Provide weekly project plan and schedule updates, weekly status reporting, weekly status meetings, risk and issue monitoring, and integrated change management activities. In addition to weekly status meetings, the Contractor’s Project Manager shall participate in project Steering Committee meetings and JCIT quarterly meetings as required. additional funding, and/or a longer timeline as conditions may change on the project over time. iii) During the project, all potential Change Requests must be brought to the Steering Committee (SC) that is composed of key stakeholders from the Texas Judiciary and OCA executive staff and facilitated by the OCA Project Manager. The SC serves as the “Change Control Board” for this project. The Change Request must contain, at a minimum, the description of the change, the schedule to implement the change, and a fixed price based on ...
Project Management Plan. Developer shall provide to IFA a Project Management Plan (PMP) in accordance with the schedule and approval requirements provided in Attachment 01-1. Developer’s project management effort shall be defined by and follow the Project Management Plan (PMP), which is a collection of several management plan elements describing discrete Elements of the Work. IFA shall have approval rights over the Project Management Plan and each component part of the Project Management Plan, unless expressly stated otherwise in these Technical Provisions. The Project Management Plan is an umbrella document that describes Developer’s managerial approach, strategy, and quality procedures to design and build the Project and achieve all requirements of the PPA Documents. The structure, submittal time frames and IFA review and, as applicable, approval rights regarding each component part of the Project Management Plan are specified in Attachment 01-
Project Management Plan. The Project Management Plan shall set out Proposer’s management approach to design, construction, traffic management, maintenance, handback upon completion of the CMA, documentation, testing and auditing/reporting for the Project, risk, community outreach and organizational structure. The minimum information to be provided within the Project Management Plan is detailed in this Section 4.2.
Project Management Plan. A. RECIPIENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES In addition to carrying out the tasks and activities described in the recipient’s application, the recipient will:
Project Management Plan. Identification of Project Manager and Project TeamSignature of Authorized Representative that Project Manager and Team will not be reassigned off the Work without prior written authorization by the Board’s Representative • Task Order Quality Control plan, including Quality Control personnel • Statement that Quality Control procedures, including development of colored drawings and/or construction management procedures, outlined in Denver Water’s Project Procedures Manual will be followed in Task Order execution, if applicable
Project Management Plan. A. Grand Staircase-Xxxxxxxxx Partners agree to: