Quality Assurance and Quality Control Sample Clauses

Quality Assurance and Quality Control. 3.3.1 Promptly after the Effective Date, the Contractor shall provide quality assurance and quality control systems and quality plans for approval by the Corporation. Such systems and plans shall be in accordance with good industry practice and Field quality plans given in Schedule-II (Appendix-IV- technical specification).
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Quality Assurance and Quality Control. The Study Sponsor will secure agreement from all involved parties to ensure direct access to all study related sites, source data and documents, and reports for the purpose of monitoring and auditing by the Study Sponsor, and inspection by domestic and foreign regulatory authorities. Quality control will be applied to each stage of data handling to ensure that all data are reliable and have been processed correctly. Agreements made by the Study Sponsor with the Investigator/Institution and any other parties involved in the clinical study will be provided in writing as part of the protocol or as a separate agreement.
Quality Assurance and Quality Control. The Design-Builder shall have full responsibility for quality assurance and quality control for the Design-Build Work, including compliance with the Design-Build Quality Management Plan, which shall be developed by the Design-Builder in accordance with Appendix 5 (Design-Build Quality Management Plan and Quality Control Requirements).
Quality Assurance and Quality Control. The Engineer shall provide peer review at all levels. For each deliverable, the Engineer shall have some evidence of their internal review and xxxx-up of that deliverable as preparation for submittal. A milestone submittal is not considered complete unless the required milestone documents and associated internal red-line xxxx-ups are submitted. The State’s project manager may require the Engineer to submit the Engineer’s internal xxxx-up (red-lines) or comments developed as part the Engineer’s quality control step. When internal xxxx-ups are requested by the State in advance, the State, at its sole discretion, may reject the actual deliverable should the Engineer fail to provide the evidence of quality control. The Engineer shall clearly label each document submitted for quality assurance as an internal xxxx- up document. The Engineer shall perform Quality Control/Quality Assurance on all survey procedures, field surveys, data, and products prior to delivery to the State. If, at any time, during the course of reviewing a survey submittal it becomes apparent to the State that the submittal contains errors, omissions, or inconsistencies, the State may cease its review and immediately return the submittal to the Engineer for appropriate action by the Engineer. A submittal returned to the Engineer for this reason is not a submittal for purposes of the submission schedule.
Quality Assurance and Quality Control. ‌ The goals of the New Construction Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) processes are to verify that buildings built with NYSERDA support meet all Initiative requirements while maintaining healthy and safe conditions for the occupants. QA/QC activities may include field inspections and/or technical and administrative review. QA/QC activities are a crucial part of each Initiative, providing NYSERDA and the PEC with valuable information related to compliance with the Program’s technical requirements. The PEC shall not inhibit or discourage project owners from participating in the Initiative’s QA/QC processes and, if requested, shall provide project-related information in a timely manner.
Quality Assurance and Quality Control. The quality assurance and control plan attached to this MSA as Exhibit H, as may be updated or amended by written agreement of the Parties (the “Quality Plan”), shall apply to the manufacture and provision of Products under this MSA. At a minimum, the Quality Plan shall conform with the requirements of ISO 9000 International Organization for Standardization Quality Standards. Enphase will be responsible for implementing the Quality Plan and will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that all Products sold to SunPower under this MSA are manufactured and provided in accordance with the Quality Plan. Enphase shall be responsible for ensuring all of its manufacturing, testing, and other activities conform to the Quality Plan.
Quality Assurance and Quality Control. In addition to compliance with this Agreement, each Party shall fulfil its responsibilities as set out in the Quality Agreement. Subject always to the provisions of the Quality Agreement, Xxxxxxxxxx will not make any modification to the Manufacturing Description (as validated), any other Specification, raw materials, components, or testing without the written consent of Dyax.
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Quality Assurance and Quality Control. The Contractor shall implement and maintain quality assurance and quality control programs in accordance with the requirements of the codes, standards and other requirements set forth in this Agreement (including without limitation Chapter 00.29-00.30 of the SOW) and the Israeli Law and shall provide to the Company copies of such programs before the same are implemented or audited. Without derogating from the foregoing Company shall have the right to access the offices and premises of Contractor and any applicable records for purposes of auditing the Works or any part thereof.
Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Administrative review of submitted Residential Energy Audits will be completed to ensure program rules are followed and customers are receiving quality energy audits. Field quality control will be completed on an as-needed basis. The Participating Auditor shall not inhibit or discourage customers from participating in the quality assurance process and shall make a good faith effort to facilitate this process.
Quality Assurance and Quality Control. (QA/QC) Plan The CONSTRUCTION MANAGER’S QA/QC PLAN for this PROJECT must be presented by the CONSTRUCTION MANAGER fourteen (14) days after receiving the signed contract. After acceptance by the TOLLWAY, the CONSTRUCTION MANAGER must adhere to this QA/QC Plan and will be required to periodically confirm, in writing, that they have complied with the approved plan. The statement of compliance must be submitted to the TOLLWAY Project Manager with each monthly progress report. The QA/QC Plan must follow GUIDELINES FOR CONSTRUCTION MANAGER’S QUALITY PROGRAM, which will be provided by the TOLLWAY.
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