Performance Targets definition

Performance Targets means the specific objective goal or goals (which may be cumulative and/or alternative) that are timely set in writing by the Committee for each Executive for the Performance Period in respect of any one or more of the Business Criteria.
Performance Targets shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3(b).
Performance Targets have the meaning ascribed to them in Clause 3;

Examples of Performance Targets in a sentence

  • The Executive Deans of the two (2) campuses together with their respective Campus Directors and Program Deans shall seat down together and formulate, discuss and agree to the Office Performance Targets in their respective Campuses and Colleges based on the SUC Presidents’ Agency/College Office Performance Targets.

  • For example, if the UoP bond is financing both hydrogen activities and steel activities, then the applicant would have to prove compliance with the Hydrogen Criteria in respect of the former and the Steel Criteria in respect of the latter.In respect of SLB and entity certifications, where the SLB or entity Performance Targets span multiple activities within the entity, all those activities will need to be assessed against the appropriate sector criteria and an overall ‘pass threshold’ reached.

  • The VPAA shall seat down together with his/her staff to formulate their office performance targets based on the SUC Presidents’ Agency/College Performance Targets.

  • Prime Contractor Companies shall review all sub-contractor's environmental, health and safety programs for compliance with environmental, health, and safety requirements, Local, State, Federal requirements, Duke Energy EHS Handbook requirements, and the requirements of this document i.e., EH&S Performance Targets below.

  • Formulate, discuss and agree with his/her staff the office performance targets in their respective campuses based on the Executive Deans’ Office Performance Targets.

More Definitions of Performance Targets

Performance Targets means, with respect to a Performance Award for a Performance Period, the objective performance under the Performance Measures for that Performance Period that will result in payments under the Performance Award. Performance Targets may differ from Participant to Participant and Award to Award.
Performance Targets means the specific objective goal or goals that are timely set in writing by the Committee pursuant to Section 13B for each Participant for the applicable Performance Period in respect of any one or more of the Performance Measures.
Performance Targets means the performance targets established by the Committee in connection with any Award based on one or more of the Performance Criteria that must be met in order for payment to be made with respect to such Award.
Performance Targets means the performance goals and the corresponding amount(s) of the Bonus that are established by the Compensation Committee before the commencement of the calendar year to which such Performance Targets relate. With respect to the determination of the Bonus pursuant to this Section 5.2: (i) if 100% of the target goals are achieved in a given year, the Bonus shall be equal to the Target Bonus; and (ii) if the Company's achievement of the performance goals for the applicable year is greater than or less than 100% of target goals, the Bonus shall be calculated as determined in the Annual Incentive Plan (provided, however, that the Compensation Committee may determine a maximum and minimum level of performance goals, above and below which no additional or lesser amount of the Bonus will be paid). To be eligible to earn a Bonus pursuant to this Section 5.2, Executive must be continuously employed by the Company through the last day of the calendar year to which the Bonus relates. Any earned Bonus will be paid before March 1 in the subsequent calendar year.
Performance Targets means the goals selected by the Committee, in its discretion, to be applicable to a Participant for any Performance Period. Performance Targets shall be based upon one or more Performance Criteria. Performance Targets may include a threshold level of performance below which no Award will be paid and levels of performance at which specified percentages of the Target Award will be paid and may also include a maximum level of performance above which no additional Award amount will be paid.
Performance Targets means the specific measures which must be satisfied in connection with any Performance Goal.
Performance Targets means the targets determined by the Committee and set out in the Invitation issued to an Eligible Employee. Such targets may include financial and non-financial targets, and targets in respect of individual, divisional, Company or Group performance.