Management Plan Sample Clauses

Management Plan. The Management Plan is the description and definition of the phasing, sequencing and timing of the major Individual Project activities for design, construction procurement, construction and occupancy as described in the IPPA.
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Management Plan. The Developer shall submit for the approval of the City and Authority a “Management Plan” which sets forth in detail the Developer’s property management duties, the affirmative marketing procedures in accordance with Section 304 hereof, the tenant selection process in accordance with Section 305 hereof, a security system and crime prevention program, the procedures for the collection of rent, the procedures for eviction of tenants, the rules and regulations of the Property and manner of enforcement, a standard lease form in accordance with Section 303 hereof, the identity of the manager of the Property (the “Property Manager”), and other matters relevant to the management of the Property. The Management Plan shall require the Developer to adhere to a fair lease and grievance procedure and provide a plan for tenant participation in management decisions. The management of the Property shall be in compliance with the Management Plan which is approved by the City and Authority. If the City or Authority determines that the performance of the Property Manager is deficient based upon the standards set forth in the Management Plan and in this Agreement, the City and/or Authority shall provide notice to the Developer of such deficiencies, and the Developer shall use its best efforts to correct such deficiencies. In the event that such deficiencies have not been cured within the time set forth in Section 401 hereof, the City and the Authority shall each have the right to require the Developer to immediately remove and replace the Property Manager with another property manager or property management company which is reasonably acceptable to the City and Authority, which is not related to or affiliated with the Developer, and which has not less than five
Management Plan. 1.1 Developing reviewing, preparing and publishing the AONB vision and the Management Plan
Management Plan. 7.01 A management plan:
Management Plan. As a condition precedent to the issuance of the Governmental Lender Note, Borrower shall prepare and submit to the Executive Director for review and approval a property management plan which includes a detailed plan and strategy for long term marketing, operation, maintenance, coordination and provision of social services, repair and security of the Apartment Complex, method of selection of tenants, rules and regulations for tenants, and other rental policies for the Apartment Complex with particular focus and specific provisions on operation of affordable housing (“Management Plan”). Executive Director approval of the Management Plan shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. Subsequent to approval of the Management Plan by the Executive Director the ongoing management, coordination and provision of social services and operation of the Apartment Complex shall be in compliance with the approved Management Plan. Borrower and Property Manager may from time to time submit to the Executive Director proposed amendments to the Management Plan, which are also subject to the prior written approval of the Executive Director.
Management Plan. Grantee will complete a management plan for the Property (the “Management Plan”) in accordance with the timeframe provided in Exhibit D and applicable Conditions. The Management Plan will be subject to OWEB approval, which will not be unreasonably withheld. The Management Plan is to be completed in accordance with OWEB’s guidelines for management plans. The Management Plan will: (i) address all relevant issues related to the restoration, protection or enhancement of the Conservation Values of the Property, including issues, if any, related to the reserved rights of the underlying Property owner in the case of a conservation easement acquisition; and (ii) specifically describe intended monitoring and evaluation activities, along with the intended one-time or recurring schedule for those activities.
Management Plan. 9.1 The Implementation Agency shall provide the Nodal Agency or its nominated agency with a recommended exit management plan ("Exit Management Plan") which shall deal with at least the following aspects of exit management in relation to the MSA as a whole and in relation to the Project Implementation, and the Operation and Management SLA.
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Management Plan. Operator agrees to implement a management plan which includes at a minimum the following: staffing chart with supervisory contact information, dispatch plan in sufficient detail to describe procedures and management controls to ensure equitable dispatch policies are adhered to, audit program of driver performance and vehicle condition/appearance, customer services/restrictions and complaint resolution procedures. Operator further agrees to update or revise such management plan, if directed by the Authority, and submit such updated management plan for approval of the Authority. Operator shall not modify or deviate from the approved management plan without the prior written approval of the Executive Director. The burden of establishing compliance with the management plan rests with the Operator and failure to comply with the management plan approved by the Executive Director shall be a default under this Agreement, entitling the Authority to exercise any and all remedies available.
Management Plan. A. The Co-management Committee shall prepare and update a Management Plan (or plans) describing relevant information, specifying mutually agreed upon actions to be implemented by the ISC and NMFS, and setting forth recommendations for additional activities that would promote Alaskan ice seal conservation. Management Plans may be comprised of, but not limited to, the following sections:
Management Plan. The Licensee must provide the Licensor with a Management Plan acceptable to the Licensor’s representative.
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