the Service Level Agreement definition

the Service Level Agreement means the document to be developed by the Supplier and approved by the Bank, based on the requirements of the Contract and the preliminary service plan included in the Supplier’s bid. Should the Service Level Agreement conflict with the Contract in any way; the relevant provisions of the Contract shall prevail in each and every instance.
the Service Level Agreement means the Gateway to Homechoice service level agreement or such other service level agreement for the time being in force made between the Registered Provider and Others (1) and the District Council and Others (2)

Examples of the Service Level Agreement in a sentence

  • The Service Level Agreement (SLA) must be managed and customer satisfaction surveys conducted to measure the performance of the TMC.

  • The Service Level Agreement applicable to the RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, PE Cloud Services is the Service Level Agreement for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud; RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition; SAP ERP, private cloud edition; and SAP S/4HANA, extended edition (“SLA”), except the 99.5% System Availability service level in the SLA is replaced with 99.7%.

  • The Service Level Agreement for SAP Cloud Services applies to the Bundled Cloud Services.

  • The Service Level Agreement (SLA) shall be entered into concurrently with this Agreement between Directorate of Urban Local Bodies (DULB) and Selected Agency.

  • The Service Level Agreement as set forth in Exhibit 1 shall not be applicable to the Free of Charge Services.

  • The Service Level Agreement sets out the how those resources will be used to meet the requirements of each Area Committees in order to achieve the outcome of clean streets.

  • The Service Level Agreement ("SLA") for Virtual Contact Center is set forth in Section 4 below, which is made a part of this Agreement.

  • The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Managed WLAN may be found at the following URL.

  • The Service Level Agreement would clearly specify the grounds of termination.

  • The Service Level Agreement for SAP Cloud Services applies to the Cloud Services, provided, however, the System Availability SLA for the Cloud Services is 99.9% per month.

Related to the Service Level Agreement

  • Service Level Agreement or SLA means the processes, deliverables, key performance indicators and performance standards relating to the Services to be provided by the Service Provider;

  • Service Levels means the particular levels of service that the Contractor has undertaken to meet, and identified as service levels in the Statement of Requirements.

  • Service Level means the standard set forth below by which IBM measures the level of service it provides in this SLA.

  • Statement of Work means the description of activities performed in completing the Project, as specified in the Contract and as may be amended.

  • Customer Service Agreement shall have the meaning as defined in the Master Agreement. “ Customer User” means an employee of Customer, a Customer Affiliate or Business Partner.

  • Construction Service Agreement means either an Interconnection Construction Service Agreement or an Upgrade Construction Service Agreement.

  • Service Order or “Contract” or “Agreement” shall mean the Service Order / Agreement and all attached exhibits and documents referred to therein and all terms and conditions thereof together with any subsequent modifications thereto;

  • Customer Agreement means a written agreement entered into between Provider and any Customer pursuant to which a Customer orders BPO Services from Provider.

  • Service Descriptions means user manuals and other documentation relating to the Services that are made available to Customer by Provider in digital or hardcopy form, as updated from time to time.

  • Support Services means support in relation to the use of, and the identification and resolution of errors in, the Hosted Services, but shall not include the provision of training services;

  • Interconnection Service Agreement means an agreement among the Transmission Provider, an Interconnection Customer and an Interconnected Transmission Owner regarding interconnection under Tariff, Part IV and Tariff, Part VI.

  • Transition Services Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 3.02(a)(iv).