Contract Management Sample Clauses

Contract Management. A. The Client’s Contact and the Contractor’s Contact shall liaise on a regular basis to address any issues arising which may impact on the performance of this Agreement and to agree milestones, compliance schedules and operational protocols as required by the Client from time to time. If requested in writing by the Client the Contractor shall meet formally with the Client to report on progress and shall comply with all written directions of the Client.
Contract Management. 6.1 The Department employee responsible for maintaining the contract file for this ACS is: Jeremy Williams, Contract Manager FL Department of Management Services Division of State Purchasing 4050 Esplanade Way, Ste. 360 Tallahassee, FL 32399-0950 Telephone: 850-414-6740 E-mail:
Contract Management. Contractor shall coordinate its Services under this Agreement with the SMUD Contract Manager identified on Schedule 1 hereto (“SMUD Contract Manager”).
Contract Management. Each party will appoint and maintain throughout the Term a suitably qualified and experienced person as account manager. Each account manager will supervise the performance of his or her appointing party’s obligations under, and liaise with the other party’s account manager regarding all aspects of, this Agreement. The initial account managers appointed by each party are named on the cover page of this Agreement.
Contract Management. The CONTRACTOR shall employ a qualified individual to serve as the Contract Manager for this Agreement. The Contract Manager shall be dedicated to this Agreement, hold a senior management position in the CONTRACTOR’s organization and be authorized and empowered to represent the CONTRACTOR on all matters pertaining to the CONTRACTOR’s program and specifically this Agreement. The Contract Manager shall act as a liaison between the CONTRACTOR, HSD, the Collaborative and other State or federal agencies, as necessary and shall have responsibilities that include but are not limited to the following:
Contract Management. Contractor shall report to the (department head) or his or her designee who will review the activities and performance of the Contractor and administer this Contract.
Contract Management. Each Party shall appoint and retain a Contract Manager who shall be the primary point of contact for the other Party in relation to matters arising from this Contract. Should the Contract Manager be replaced, the Party replacing the Contract Manager shall promptly inform the other Party in writing of the name and contact details for the new Contract Manager. Any Contract Manager appointed shall be of sufficient seniority and experience to be able to make decisions on the day to day operation of the Contract. The Supplier confirms and agrees that it will be expected to work closely and cooperate fully with the Authority’s Contract Manager. Each Party shall ensure that its representatives (to include, without limitation, its Contract Manager) shall attend review meetings on a regular basis to review the performance of the Supplier under this Contract and to discuss matters arising generally under this Contract. Each Party shall ensure that those attending such meetings have the authority to make decisions regarding the day to day operation of the Contract. Review meetings shall take place at the frequency specified in the Specification and Tender Response Document. Should the Specification and Tender Response Document not state the frequency, then the first such meeting shall take place on a date to be agreed on or around the end of the first month after the Commencement Date. Subsequent meetings shall take place at monthly intervals or as may otherwise be agreed in writing between the Parties. Two weeks prior to each review meeting (or at such time and frequency as may be specified in the Specification and Tender Response Document) the Supplier shall provide a written contract management report to the Authority regarding the supply of the Goods, the provision of the Services and the operation of this Contract. Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties in writing, such contract management report shall contain: details of the performance of the Supplier when assessed in accordance with the KPIs since the last such performance report; details of any complaints by the Authority regarding the supply of Goods or provision of Services and any complaints from or on behalf of patients or other service users, their nature and the way in which the Supplier has responded to such complaints since the last review meeting written report; the information specified in the Specification and Tender Response Document; a status report in relation to the implementation of any curre...
Contract Management. 1.4.01 Initiate the purchase of approved equipment purchases in the first quarter of the Contract term. Requests to purchase previously approved equipment after the first quarter must be submitted to the contract manager. Changes to the approved equipment budget category must be approved by DSHS prior to the purchase of equipment. If a Grantee would like to deviate from the approved equipment budget, a written request to amend the budget is required Standard (When Applicable)