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DocuSign Envelope. ID: 1D9232CB-D26D-45B1-96D5-5C3469A0E6C2 If the foregoing is in accordance with your understanding and is agreed to by you, please confirm your acceptance by signing the enclosed copies of this letter at the place indicated and by returning the same to the Investor. 2380162 ONTARIO LIMITED Per: Name Per: Name: ACCEPTED AND AGREED to as of the _11th day of November, 2020. INTACT FINANCIAL CORPORATION Per: Name: Title:
DocuSign Envelope. ID: B4386458-A90D-4DBA-89A5-83641CA2F0B8 Appendix A Standard Terms and Conditions For Product and Related Services Contracts 04/21/2016 iii
DocuSign Envelope. ID: E236926E-427C-4454-8D70-158A10337DC1 E. It is understood that the Preliminary Plan and the Working Drawings and Specifications, together with any Changes thereto, shall be subject to the prior reasonable approval of Landlord. Landlord shall identify any disapproved items within three (3) business days (or two (2) business days in the case of Changes) after receipt of the applicable document. In lieu of disapproving an item, Landlord may approve same on the condition that Tenant pay to Landlord, prior to the start of construction and in addition to all sums otherwise due hereunder, an amount equal to the cost, as reasonably estimated by Landlord, of removing and replacing the item upon the expiration or termination of the Lease. Should Landlord approve work that would necessitate any ancillary Building modification or other expenditure by Landlord, then except to the extent of any remaining balance of the Landlord Contribution, Tenant shall, in addition to its other obligations herein, promptly fund the cost thereof to Landlord. F. It is understood that all or a portion of the Tenant Improvements shall be done during Tenant’s occupancy of the Premises. In this regard, Tenant agrees to assume any risk of injury, loss or damage which may result, except for any damage or injury which is caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of Landlord or its agents. Tenant further agrees that it shall be solely responsible for relocating its office equipment and furniture in the Premises in order to protect the same and allow for Landlord to complete the work in the Premises and that no rental abatement shall result while the Tenant Improvements are completed in the Premises. G. Tenant hereby designates Lisa Goodwin, Telephone No. (858) 649-2510, email address lgoodwin@bofifederalbank, as its representative, agent and attorney-in-fact for the purpose of receiving notices, approving submittals and issuing requests for Changes, and Landlord shall be entitled to rely upon authorizations and directives of such person(s) as if given directly by Tenant. Tenant may amend the designation of its construction representative(s) at any time upon delivery of written notice to Landlord. II.

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  • Replacing these lights with LEDs has the potential to result in significant cost saving for the city; • the BAPPEDA city planner has a strong interest to host the pilot project; • political will of the Mayor is important and will be gauged in further discussion with city officials; DocuSign Envelope ID: 0DDA8EE3-BE91-40F7-B0DD-3215EF1EBDB7 • further discussion will require formal correspondence from MEMR and ADLIGHT.

  • In such event, the Board DocuSign Envelope ID: F5B6A628-A6A7-4C66-9A28-53A88860591C shall take specific action to enter into a new contract of employment with the Assistant Principal.

  • DocuSign Envelope ID: EF8E297B-24F7-43A7-9300-33B5DAA4095F ▪ KRS 200.508 Rights of children with an emotional disability and their parents, custodians, and guardians.

  • The company now has a supply contract with Palu Local Government for 12,000 street lights DocuSign Envelope ID: 0DDA8EE3-BE91-40F7-B0DD-3215EF1EBDB7 • PT Surya Utama Putra, Bandung, West Java (under ALINDO).

  • The 2020 work plan was presented DocuSign Envelope ID: 0DDA8EE3-BE91-40F7-B0DD-3215EF1EBDB7 in detail with schedules of activities and budget lines corresponding to ATLAS codes for all components.

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DocuSign Envelope. ID: E60EED85-CC73-497B-9AB2-4E7133D1B558
DocuSign Envelope. ID: 57190054-C09D-4282-BD7E-50443CD5AC4D
DocuSign Envelope. ID: 84F27DBD-E575-4F17-95C5-79CEF31BE521 solicitation not specifically directed to a Covered Worker or Covered Workers. For purposes of this Agreement, “Covered Worker” means any person who at any time during the Recent Period (i) was employed or engaged by the Company; and (ii) had business-related contact with or reported to Executive. 8.
DocuSign Envelope. ID: 46B63508-2B7C-4318-8683-D004D7A5098C v) Identify specific indicators of risk or severe stress that could threaten the Applicant's critical operations or otherwise result in the failure or insolvency of the Applicant and describe actions that would be taken by the Applicant, or the Parent Company, to enable the Applicant to recover from such risk or severe stress ("recovery actions"); vi) Describe the strategy for ensuring the Applicant is adequately protected from risks that may arise from the activities of the Parent Company and any of its subsidiaries and affiliates at the time, and for the duration, of any recovery actions; vii) Identify the points) at which further recovery actions are unlikely to restore the Applicant to financial strength and viability or otherwise remedy financial or operational sh~ess; viii) Set forth options for the orderly wind down of the Applicant through liquidation, sale, or merger, without the appointment of a conservator or receiver (each, a "disposition strategy"), through the description of the specific steps, including a projected timeline, for the execution of each disposition strategy; and ix) Estimate the amount of capital and liquidity that would be required for the Applicant to successfully complete each disposition strategy, including but not limited to the source of funds to pay operating expenses and the source of funds to pay deposits, other debt, and other obligations. d)
DocuSign Envelope. ID: 1756E781-B52D-4AFF-B1D7-E23A38CD5F45 (30) days after the effective date of termination (or by such earlier date if required by applicable law), and (ii) the Earned Annual Bonus, if any, in accordance with Section 3(b) hereof. (c)
DocuSign Envelope. ID: 52C2FA99-DC5E-428D-9D35-D6F15C18546B E. Tenant acknowledges that the Second Expansion Premises is currently occupied by another tenant (“Existing Tenant”).
DocuSign Envelope. ID: 85338548-82A9-46CB-9A62-3944F3EEEBB7