Contributions Sample Clauses

Contributions. The cost of this Plan will be borne by the Employer.
Contributions. Full payment has been made of all amounts which the Company or any of its Subsidiaries is required, under applicable law or under any Employee Benefit Plan or any agreement relating to any Employee Benefit Plan to which the Company or any of its Subsidiaries is a party, to have paid as contributions thereto as of the last day of the most recent fiscal year of such Employee Benefit Plan ended prior to the date hereof. The Company has made adequate provision for reserves to meet contributions that have not been made because they are not yet due under the terms of any Employee Benefit Plan or related agreements. Benefits under all Employee Benefit Plans are as represented and have not been increased subsequent to the date as of which documents have been provided to EMKT and Top Team.
Contributions. The Original Member (or a predecessor thereof) has made contributions to the capital of the Company in the amount reflected on the Company’s books and records. Without creating any rights in favor of any third party, the Member may, from time to time, make additional contributions of cash or property to the capital of the Company, but shall have no obligation to do so.
Contributions. A. Subrecipient shall provide every participant the opportunity to voluntarily contribute toward the cost of the services provided under this Contract. Subrecipient shall protect the privacy of each such contributor with respect to his or her contribution. No Older Individual shall be denied a service because of unwillingness or inability to contribute towards the cost of said service.
Contributions. 1.1 Contributions - designation - valuation With a view to completing the merger of the Absorbed Fund and Absorbing SICAV by absorption of the former by the latter, the Absorbed Fund shall contribute all of its assets, comprising all of its property, rights and securities, without exception or reservation, to the Absorbing SICAV, subject to the ordinary guarantees and rights applicable in such cases. The assets in question comprise a portfolio of transferable securities and other items, valued in accordance with the usual methods set out in the prospectus and the regulations of the Absorbed Fund.
Contributions. The hourly contribution rate shall be no less than the hourly contribution rate established by the State of Washington pursuant to the Individual Provider Collective Bargaining Agreement in effect at the time the hours are worked. (Hereinafter the “Healthcare Rate”). If the Healthcare Rate is reduced during the life of the Agreement, the parties shall re-­‐open the Agreement solely for the purpose of renegotiating Section 21.2.