CERTIFIED BY Sample Clauses

CERTIFIED BY s/ Xxxxxxxx X. Xxxxx 1-6-00 -------------------------- -------------------------- FUND'S AUTHORIZED OFFICER DATE Secretary SCHEDULE A Xxxx Xxxxx Opportunity Trust
CERTIFIED BY. For and on behalf of [ SCHEDULE 10 APPROVED JURISDICTIONS FOR SUB-LEASING Australia Austria Belgium Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Iceland Indonesia Ireland Italy Luxembourg Malaysia Netherlands New Zealand Norway Portugal Singapore South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand United Kingdom United States of America The Lessor shall be entitled from time to time to give notice to the Lessee that it wishes to delete one or more of the above jurisdictions and the Lessee shall be entitled from time to time to give notice to the Lessor that it wishes to add one or more jurisdictions to the above list. In the event of the issue of any such notice the Lessor and the Lessee shall, as soon as reasonably practicable, consult in good faith as to the relevant deletion(s) or addition(s), as the case may be. In the event that agreement is reached, the above list shall be amended accordingly. If no such agreement is reached, the above list may be amended in such a manner as the Lessor may, in its reasonable discretion consider appropriate, provided that no jurisdiction shall be deleted unless the Lessor specifies the reasons are commercially reasonable for such deletion and such reasons are concerned exclusively with the jurisdiction itself (and not with a particular operator in that jurisdiction). SCHEDULE 11 FORM OF LETTER OF QUIET ENJOYMENT From: SUNROCK AIRCRAFT CORPORATION LIMITED (the "undersigned") To: WESTERN PACIFIC AIRLINES, INC. (the "Lessee") 1997 In Re: One Boeing 737-300 Aircraft, Manufacturer's Serial Number 28871 (the "Aircraft")/Aircraft Lease Agreement (the "Lease") dated 1997 between Wilmington Trust Company (the "Lessor") and the Lessee Dear Sirs:
CERTIFIED BY s/ TAI-CHIN XXXX 10-1-96 ----------------------------- ------------------------ FUND'S AUTHORIZED OFFICER DATE 39 SCHEDULE B The standard settlement periods for securities transactions in foreign markets for purposes of Section 9 of the Custodian Contract between Schwab Capital Trust on behalf of the portfolios listed on Schedule C shall be as follows: Country Settlement Period ------- ----------------- (TD = Trade Date) Australia TD plus 5 Austria Second Monday after TD Belgium Forward market equities- next fortnightly settlement period Cash market securities- TD plus 3 Canada TD plus 5 Denmark TD plus 3 France Forward market equities- last business day of month Cash market securities- TD plus 5 Germany TD plus 2 Hong Kong TD plus 2 Italy Forward market equities- next two- week settlement cycle Cash market equities- TD plus 3 Japan TD plus 3 Netherlands TD plus 5 New Zealand TD plus 5 Norway TD plus 3 40 Singapore TD plus 5 Spain Friday of week following TD Sweden TD plus 3 Switzerland Forward market equities- Last trading day of month Cash market securities- TD plus 3 United Kingdom Next fixed fortnightly settlement date Euroclear-Cedel Book-entry entirely within Euroclear- Cedel-TD plus 5 Cross-border or physical settlements-applicable market settlement period 41 SCHEDULE C
CERTIFIED BY. FUND'S AUTHORIZED OFFICER DATE STATE STREET BANK AND TRUST COMPANY CUSTODY AND ACCOUNTING FEE SCHEDULE FOR XXXXXXX AGGRESSIVE GROWTH FUND XXXXXXX MODERATE GROWTH FUND XXXXXXX CONSERVATIVE GROWTH FUND -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Effective July 1, 1997 thru June 30, 1998 I. CUSTODY ------- Custody: Maintaining custody of fund assets. Settle portfolio and sales. Report buy and sell fails. Determine and collect portfolio income. Make cash disbursements and report cash transactions. Monitor corporate actions. Report portfolio positions. The fee shown below is an annual charge, billed and payable monthly, based on average monthly net assets. ANNUAL FEES ----------- Annual Fee per Fund $10,000
CERTIFIED BY. Advocate/ Notary Public Signature: Mr. ............... Date: 2064/11/01(2018-02-13) N.P. card no. ....... Seal of the Notary Public
CERTIFIED BY. Name (please print) Email Title Signature Date Phone PREPARED BY: Name (please print) Email Title Signature Date Phone
CERTIFIED BY. LAWS. Parent shall have received a copy of the By-Laws of Target, as amended through the Closing Date, certified by Target's Secretary.
CERTIFIED BY s/ Xxxx X. Xxxxx ----------------------- August 24, 2000 FUND'S AUTHORIZED OFFICER --------------- DATE FUNDS TRANSFER ADDENDUM OPERATING GUIDELINES [STATE STREET ICON] --------------------
CERTIFIED BY. ADVANTAGE --------- (THE PARTNERSHIP) BY:__________________________ BY:__________________________ BY:__________________________ BY:__________________________ (ALL General. PARTNERS SHOULD EXECUTE THIS CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORITY.) TELECOMMUNICATIONS FINANCE GROUP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 000 XXXXXXXX XXXX o LAKE MARY, FLORIDA 32746 o (000)000-0000 o Fax (000)000-0000 October 22, 1998 Xx. Xxxxx Xxxxxx GST Global Telecommunication, Inc. 0000 X. Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx. Xxxxxxxx Xxxx, XX 00000-0000 Subject: Lease Agreement dated July 25, 1994 between Telecommunications Finance Group and ADVANTAGE for Equipment installed in Denver, Colorado Dear Xxxxx; Enclosed are the following documents which require execution in order to assign the subject lease from ADVANTAGE to HIGHPOINT INTERNATIONAL TELECOM, INC, (FORMERLY HIGHPOINT CAPITAL, INC.):
CERTIFIED BY. PROPEL FINANCIAL SERVICES, LLC Company Name By: Authorized Signer Date Title 60.2 EXHIBIT B COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE [attached] COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE FOR THE QUARTER ENDED (“THE SUBJECT PERIOD”) BORROWER: Propel Financial Services, LLC (Credit Parties) BANK: TEXAS CAPITAL BANK NA This certificate is delivered pursuant to the Loan Agreement (the “Agreement”) between Borrower and Bank dated as of . Capitalized terms in this certificate, unless otherwise indicated, have the meanings set forth in the Agreement. I certify to Bank that, on the date of this certificate, (a) the Financial Statements of Borrower attached to this certificate were prepared in accordance with GAAP, and present fairly the financial condition and results of Borrower as of the end of and for the Subject Period, and (b) no Default currently exists or has occurred which has not been cured or waived by Bank, and (c) the status of the compliance by Borrower with certain covenants of the Agreement at the end of the Subject Period is as follows (a box for any deviations from full compliance is provided at the end of this certificate): In Compliance for the Subject Period