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By the Council. 16.2.1 The Council may terminate the tenancy and require the Tenant to vacate the allotment site for any breach of the terms and conditions of the tenancy. Allotment Tenancy Agreement V5 29th November 2021
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By the Council. 25.2.1 The Council may terminate all or any of the Service provided to an individual Customer for any lawful reason whatsoever on giving not less than one week’s written notice to the Provider or if this is not reasonably practicable by giving less than one week’s notice including a notice to take effect immediately; such reason may include but is not limited to the following:
By the Council. On receipt of the dispute, the following actions are to be taken:
By the Council. The Council may end the tenancy if:  the rent is in arrears by more than 40 days, or  if it appears to the Council that there has been breach of the Allotment Tenancy Agreement in which case the Tenant will receive 30 days’ notice, or  By giving 12 months’ notice to the Tenant, or  By giving 3 months’ notice when the land is required for a public undertaking e.g. roads or sewers. Any notice given to the Tenant will be signed on behalf of the Council by the Clerk and will be served on the Tenant either personally or by post. Moreton-in-Xxxxx Town Council ALLOTMENT TENANCY AGREEMENT 2019/20 Name: Address: Tel. No. / Mobile No. Email Names of other users of the allotment Allotment Site: Hospital Road / Evenlode Road / University Plot No. I wish to take up the tenancy of the above allotment plot and confirm receipt of and acceptance of the Allotment Tenancy Agreement 2019/20 Tenancy payment £ Signed: Office Use Only: Cash/Cheque Date:
By the Council. If any of the following events shall occur namely if the Provider:-

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  • ADVISORY COUNCIL An Advisory Council consisting of the superintendent of each participating District, or his/her designee is hereby created. The purpose of such Advisory Council is to monitor the performance of this Agreement, amend this Agreement (with concurrence of all parties affected), and terminate this Agreement as provided in Section IX. Activities of the Advisory Council shall take place as needed, called by a majority of its members or by the Superintendent of the NWESD, or his/her designee. Decisions by the Advisory Council will be made by a vote of greater than fifty percent (50%) of a quorum. A quorum is defined as at least fifty percent (50%) of the representatives appointed to the Advisory Council. Participation may occur via technological participation, including email providing at least seven (7) calendar days prior written notice was provided to each District superintendent or designee.

  • City Council Approval It is agreed that this MOU is of no force or affect until ratified by the City Council of the City of Lompoc.

  • City Council “City Council” means the governing body of the City.

  • BOARDS 2.12.1 The provisions of 2.12.2 apply to the: Enrollment Commission; Yukon Land Use Planning Council; Regional Land Use Planning Commissions; Yukon Development Assessment Board; Yukon Heritage Resources Board; Yukon Geographical Place Names Board; Yukon Water Board; Fish and Wildlife Management Board, including the Salmon Sub-Committee; Renewable Resources Councils; Dispute Resolution Board; Surface Rights Board; Kluane National Park Management Board; and any other entity agreed to in a Yukon First Nation Final Agreement.

  • SCHOOL STAFF COMMITTEES 1. If the majority of the teaching staff in the school so decide, there shall be established a recognized staff committee in that school.

  • Initial Decision Maker The Architect will serve as the Initial Decision Maker pursuant to Article 15 of AIA Document A201–2017, unless the parties appoint below another individual, not a party to this Agreement, to serve as the Initial Decision Maker. (If the parties mutually agree, insert the name, address and other contact information of the Initial Decision Maker, if other than the Architect.) « » « » « » « »

  • Composition of the Committee The Committee will comprise: - one (1) retiree appointed by OPSEU CAAT Academic - one (1) retiree appointed by OPSEU CAAT Support - one (1) retiree appointed by the Ontario Colleges Administrative Staff Association (OCASA) - three (3) management representatives appointed by the Council - one (1) resource person appointed by OPSEU - one (1) resource person appointed by OCASA - one (1) resource person appointed by the Council Additionally, when necessary, representatives of insurance carriers shall attend meetings to provide information but shall not act as resource persons for any of the parties.

  • MINISTRY/SCHOOL BOARD INITIATIVES ETFO will be an active participant in the consultation process to develop a Ministry of Education PPM regarding Ministry/School Board Initiatives.

  • Franchise Tax Board Review (a) In addition to the reporting requirements in section 6, Taxpayer agrees to comply with the FTB’s review of the books and records for purposes of determining if Taxpayer has complied with the requirements of this Agreement.

  • NATIONAL LABOR RELATIONS BOARD CERTIFICATION Contractor certifies that no more than one (1) final unappealable finding of contempt of court by a Federal court has been issued against Contractor within the immediately preceding two-year period because of Contractor's failure to comply with an order of a Federal court, which orders Contractor to comply with an order of the National Labor Relations Board. (Pub. Contract Code §10296) (Not applicable to public entities.)

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