OF UNITS Sample Clauses

OF UNITS. PRICE TOTAL Please select the programming services you wish to order by checking the appropriate boxes below. Enter the package or service price for each selection using the Lodging and Institutions Rate Card. Use the per unit price corresponding to your number of Subscriber Units. Each programming service in a DIRECTV® package or bundled service requires a dedicated DIRECTV Receiver (IRD). In certain areas, service may be unavailable or additional restrictions may apply. HGTV HD, Food Network HD and Travel Channel In-Market Regional Sports Network KoreanDirectTM Local Channels MandarinDirectTM III Music Extra NBA TV HD NFL Network HD Nicktoons, Xxxx Xx, XxxxXxxx and PBS Kids Sprout RussianDirectTM SHOWTIME UNLIMITED® SHOWTIME®, FLIX® and Sundance Channel® SHOWTIME® SonicTap Music Channels Speed Channel HD Starz® Super Pack® / Encore® Starz® / Encore® + Themes Starz® / Encore® Sundance Channel® TamilDirectTM (Star Vijay) Tennis Channel HD Xxxxxx Classic Movies TV Land, Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Movie Network VietDirectTM HONVIETV WGN America YES Network HD Other: Payment Options Check Enclosed VISA MasterCard American Express Discover Card Other Recurring Credit Card Option (Credit Card will be charged monthly for recurring programming otherwise monthly billing statements will be sent) Name as it appears on credit card: Credit Card #: Exp. Date: Total Payment: $ Signature of Cardholder: Date:
OF UNITS. As described in the sections entitled, "Terms of the Offering—Classification of Units" and "Summary of Operating Agreement—Classification of Units," of the Prospectus, the undersigned is required to select a class for the Units to be purchased, where such selection is subject to the approval of the Manager. The three classes of Units are identical in right and obligation with the exception of the relevant holding periods for which the units must be held and the relevant preferred returns for the Units. The relevant holding periods and the preferred returns for the class a units, the class b units or the class c units are provided for below. as discussed in the Prospectus, since the preferred returns for each class will vary during the course of the offering, as adjusted by the manager in light of applicable market conditions, the preferred returns for the classes and the spreads between the same will be maintained for Units issued as of any one date and may vary for Units of the same class issued as of different dates. The undersigned hereby designates the Units to be purchased as follows: Class Holding Period Current Preferred Rate of Return Number of Units o Class A Twelve (12) months % Units o Class B Twenty-four (24) months % Units o Class C Thirty-six (36) months % Units Total Units
OF UNITS. The number of Units granted is equal to the number shown on the Participant’s Online Grant Acceptance page which is accessed through the Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx StockPlan Connect website.
OF UNITS. The Registrar/Transfer Agent shall process purchase and redemption applications as well as conversion/ switching and transfer applications in accordance with the relevant Offering Document. Based on the prices applicable to the relevant purchase or Redemption, the Registrar/Transfer Agent shall determine the number of Units to be issued or redeemed.
OF UNITS. REFERENCE PRICE: GRANT DATE: -------- ------------- ---------------- -----------
OF UNITS. Each Unitholder is the record or beneficial owner of the Enterprise MLP Common Units listed across from the name of such Unitholder on Schedule 1 hereto. Such Enterprise MLP Common Units are the only equity interests of Enterprise MLP that are owned (either beneficially or of record) by such Unitholder. Such Unitholder holds such Enterprise MLP Common Units free and clear of all Encumbrances.
OF UNITS. A.□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ □
OF UNITS. Windsor Assembly -- Local Grand Road Building Local Ajax Trim Local Casting -- Local Road Truck Assembly Local Assembly Local Agreement Entered on This pay of Between Chrysler Canada Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as the “Corporation”) and the following Local Unions National Automobile, and Agricultural Workers Union of Canada and the National Automobile, and Agricultural Implement Union of Canada said Local Unions and ‘the Union being hereinafter to as the “Union.“)
OF UNITS. The System Internation- al of unit for radia- tion meas- urements is now the official system of measurements. This system uses the “gray” (Gy) and
OF UNITS. (i) In performing its duties hereunder the Distributor shall be entitled to rely on and shall not be responsible in any way for information provided to it by the Trustee, the Sponsor or the Trust and their respective service providers and shall not be liable or responsible for the errors and omissions of such service providers, provided that the foregoing shall not be construed to protect the Distributor against any liability to the Trustee, the Sponsor, the Trust or the Trust’s Beneficial Owners to which the Distributor would otherwise be subject by reason of willful misfeasance, bad faith or gross negligence in the performance of its duties or by reason of its reckless disregard of its obligations and duties under this Agreement.