Emergency Medical Services Sample Clauses

Emergency Medical Services. The City’s Fire Department and MedStar (or other entity engaged by the City after the Effective Date) will provide emergency medical services.
Emergency Medical Services. 3.5.1. Cartrack shall provide telephonic access to a team of dedicated nurses, paramedics and medical assistance service providers who will assist with a medical emergency and medical advice. The advice includes information on prescription medication, contra-indication of medicines, fevers, blurred vision, insomnia, headaches/ migraines, stomach ache, antibiotics, expired medication, treatment of abrasions, telephonic CPR, ear aches, allergies, women’s/men’s health, supplements and cramps.
Emergency Medical Services. Fire District agrees to provide emergency medical services within its jurisdiction. Fire District shall respond one emergency medical service vehicle upon any request for such service.
Emergency Medical Services. Emergency medical services, also known as ambulance services or paramedic services (abbreviated to the initialism EMS, EMAS, EMARS or SAMU in some countries), are a type of emergency service dedicated to providing out-of-hospital acute medical care, transport to definitive care, and other medical transport to patients.
Emergency Medical Services. The Contractor shall provide that emergency and post-stablization services be rendered without the requirement of prior authorization of any kind; and advise all Medicaid MCO Program members of the provisions governing in and out of service area use of emergency services. The Contractor's protocol for provision of emergency services must specify the circumstances under which the emergency services will be covered when furnished by a provider with which the Contractor does not have contractual or referral arrangements. The Contractor shall make prompt payment for covered emergency services that are furnished by providers that have no arrangements with the Contractor for the provision of such services. The attending emergency physician, or the provider actually treating the member shall determine when the member is sufficiently stabilized for transfer or discharge. The Contractor shall not limit what constitutes an emergency medical condition on the basis of lists of diagnoses or symptoms. The Contractor shall not refuse to cover emergency services based on the emergency room provider, hospital, or fiscal agent not notifying the member’s PCP, MCO or applicable State entity of the member’s screening and treatment within 10 calendar days of presentation for emergency services. The Contractor shall not deny payment for treatment when a representative of the entity instructs the member to seek emergency services. The Contractor shall not deny payment for treatment obtained when a member had an emergency medical condition and the absence of immediate medical attention would not have had the outcomes specified in 42CFR 438.114(a) of the definition of emergency medical condition.
Emergency Medical Services. The Project shall be served by Charleston County Emergency Services in coordination with the City of Charleston.
Emergency Medical Services. T.H. C.T.S. Emergency Medical Services Specialist T.H. C.T.S. Emergency Medical Service Associate Histocompatibility/Transplant T.H. C.T.S. Transplant Specialist
Emergency Medical Services. The Company agrees to pay You or Your Physician and Hospital directly in respect of the expenses set out below for losses incurred in excess of the amount of the deductible as shown on the application/declaration, per Insured per covered claim . • Emergency Medical Treatment Actual, usual and customary charges for reasonable and necessary Hospital and medical expenses for:  Emergency Hospital confinement as a resident in-patient (limited to semi-private accommodation) . Any coverage related to the Hospital confinement terminates upon release from Hospital .  Emergency Medical Treatment as an outpatient . • Physician The services of a Physician . • Ambulance The services of a licensed ambulance, including mountain and sea rescue, from the scene of the accident or place of onset of the Sickness to the nearest Hospital . • X-ray Examinations X-ray examinations and diagnostic laboratory procedures when performed at time of initial Emergency, and/or for non-emergency Medical Treatment provided treatment is a direct result of the initial Emergency Medical Treatment . • Medicines and/or Drugs Medicines and/or drugs (excluding vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements and over the counter medicines) prescribed by the attending Physician for a maximum period of 30 days or up to a maximum of $10,000, whichever first occurs (original pharmacy prescription receipts are required) . While You are confined to Hospital the Company will reimburse the total cost of such medicines and/or drugs . • Rental of Essential Medical Appliances Rental of essential medical appliances including but not limited to wheelchairs, crutches and canes, but in no event will the rental amount payable exceed the total purchase price . • Private Duty Nursing Private duty nursing services, performed by a registered nurse (R .N .) other than a relative, when ordered in writing by the attending Physician expressly in lieu of hospitalization .
Emergency Medical Services. The County shall provide emergency medical services to the Property on the same basis as it provides to other residents and businesses within the County.
Emergency Medical Services. Emergency Medical Service (EMS) includes both first responder (fire department) and ambulance (private company). When the boundary change is implemented, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue will continue to be the first responder agency but the private ambulance company will change from American Medical Response to Washington County’s franchised provider, Metro West Ambulance. Customer rates for ambulance service will change to reflect Washington County's approved rates. Each County will review its Ambulance Service Area Plan and revise as appropriate.