Network Providers Sample Clauses

Network Providers. The term "Network Providers" means those Hospitals, Physicians and other providers of health care services selected and retained by the Contract Administrator as the exclusive provider of said services in a specific Network location.
Network Providers. During the term of this Agreement, ACS will maintain a fully-credentialed network of ancillary health care service providers and will provide HealthSmart Participants access to those Network Providers. ACS will supply the names and provider demographics for each Network Provider to HealthSmart at least monthly in a mutually agreed-upon electronic format. HSPC shall not exclude ACS Network Providers for any purpose or reason other than the exceptions of (1) the necessity to have the provider remain with the HSPC network, (2) participation in ACS network would prohibit the provider from representation by HSPC for contracting via the administrative fee business model, and (3) inclusion of the ACS provider would cause potential harm or discord to HSPC provider rates or relationships. ACS will not notify its Network Providers that HealthSmart Participants will begin utilizing the Network Providers. ACS will notify their network providers of any new payor to the ACS network that HSPC participants will begin utilizing. The network contact letter must be approved by HSPC.
Network Providers. Members will have access to Network Providers that (i) have executed Network Provider Agreements required by AdvancePCS (as amended from time to time by AdvancePCS), and (ii) have agreed to perform pharmacy services for Members in accordance with the provider pricing schedule and the Plan. Network Providers may choose not to perform provider services for Members under this Agreement; however, no Network Provider may serve only some Members or provide only certain drugs (unless such Network Provider does not provide such drugs to any persons). AdvancePCS may provide Network Providers with Plan information in such format and media as AdvancePCS deems appropriate for the purpose of assisting such Network Providers in providing Benefits to Members.
Network Providers. If you seek covered health care services from a BlueCHiP provider, you will only be responsible for your deductible, copayment, and/or the difference between the maximum benefit and our allowance if any, which may apply to a covered health care service. To see if a provider is a BlueCHiP provider, check your BlueCHiP Coordinated Health Plan Provider Directory, call our Customer Service Department at (401) 274-3500 or 1-800-564-0888 or TDD (401) 831-2202 or 1-877-232-8432, or visit our Web site If you are outside the local area you may seek covered health care services from a provider who participates with the BlueCard traditional indemnity network (a BlueCard provider). When you do so, you will only be responsible for your deductible, copayment, and/or the difference between the maximum benefit and the allowance (if any) based on the amount due under the BlueCard program policies. See Section 5.3 for more information on the BlueCard program. To see if a provider is a BlueCard provider, call BlueCard Access at the number shown on your BlueCHiP ID Card 1-800-810 BLUE (2583) or visit and use the “BlueCard Doctor and Hospital Finder – Traditional Indemnity Network”. Subscriber Agreement Non-Network Providers If you receive covered health care services from a non-network provider, you will be responsible for the provider’s charge. You will then be reimbursed based on the lesser of the provider’s charge, our allowance, or the maximum benefit limit less your deductible and copayments (if any). The deductible and maximum out-of-pocket expenses are calculated based on our allowance and not on the provider’s charge. See Section 7.1 for more information on how to file a claim. Below is a summary of our coverage levels under this Flex Plan Rider. It includes information about copayments, deductibles, and some benefit limits. This summary is intended to give you a general understanding of the coverage available under this Rider. For more detailed information, please read Section 3.0 for the description of coverage for each particular covered health care service along with the related exclusions and Section 5.0 for a list of general exclusions. *Preauthorization is recommended for this service. BlueCHiP providers are responsible for obtaining preauthorization for all applicable covered health care services. See Section 8.0 - definition of preauthorization for details. Subscriber Agreement Deductible/Maximum Out-of-Pocket Expense Benefit Descrip...
Network Providers. As of the Effective Date, [***] and [***] shall be [***]. Upon at least ninety (90) days’ advance written notice by Retailer to the other Parties, but in any event no sooner than February 1, 2007, Retailer may request Bank to issue Prepaid Cards with [***] and/or [***] as a [***] issued by Bank, and Bank agrees to take commercially reasonable steps to issue Prepaid Cards with such Network Providers; provided, however, that such expansion of the Card Program to include any additional Network Provider is expressly conditioned on the Retailer providing comparable retail space in Participating Stores for Prepaid Cards involving such additional Network Provider as Retailer then provides for Prepaid Cards involving the existing Network Provider or Providers. Bank agrees to convert outstanding Prepaid Cards to a new Network Provider upon written request of Retailer if such conversion is required because Retailer ceases to accept Prepaid Cards issued in the existing Network Provider’s system; provided, however, that Retailer shall pay all costs and expenses in converting the Prepaid Cards from the existing Network Provider to the new Network Provider, including the costs and expenses of re-issuing the Prepaid Cards and of replacing marketing, packaging and collateral materials, and any amounts payable by Bank to the existing Network Provider.
Network Providers. Section 2 (Networks) of Amended and Restated Schedule 1-A is hereby amended by adding the following:
Network Providers. (a) As of the Effective Date, [*] shall be the [*]. Retailer may replace the Network Provider with any other Designated Network Provider, and, thereafter, replace the then-current Designated Network Provider with any other Designated Network Provider, in each case, upon written request to Bank. After the date on which Retailer replaces a Network Provider with a replacement Network Provider pursuant to this Section 1.10, Retailer shall have no obligation to accept Walmart MoneyCard transactions through the former Network Provider’s Network.
Network Providers. Section 1.10 is deleted in its entirety, and replaced with the following:
Network Providers. You can use various backhaul networks to connect to OTN, from private MPLS networks to the public Internet delivered over a DSL connection. Selection of an appropriate network service will depend on the available options in your region, as well as intended usage, budget, etc. The following sections define some of the more commonly used network providers. Section 2.1.5 specifies network performance standards required for different OTN telemedicine services. eHealth Ontario eHealth Ontario operates a private MPLS network that connects over 4,000 health organizations in Ontario. This dedicated fibre and copper network is provisioned by Allstream and Hydro ONE Telecomm, and operates at capacities of 1 Mb/s to 200 Mb/s. With its high speed, security and reliability, the eHealth Ontario network should be your first choice if you are planning to use videoconferencing as part of your office telemedicine practice6. Other Private Networks OTN is able to extend On-Net connectivity to members located on several private networks, including: ORION: The ORION network is Ontario’s advanced high-speed research and educational network interconnecting the province’s academic and research institutions. ORION operates at 1 Mb/s minimum. K-NET: K-Net is an independent network serving First Nations communities of Northern Ontario. K-Net operates at 1Mb/s minimum bandwidth. Other: Community networks such as Larg*NET and others are supported after certification by OTN technical staff. The Internet For many telemedicine applications and member locations, the public Internet offers an affordable, accessible connectivity solution. The ever-growing range and quality of broadband access enables OTN to deliver telemedicine services over many business-grade Internet products. Due to the inherent variability of the Internet, special care must be taken in selecting and certifying these circuits to ensure a level of performance and reliability appropriate to telemedicine applications. OTN prequalifies Internet Service Providers and products in each region, and can help you source and qualify a connectivity solution appropriate to your needs. Network bandwidth requirements for videoconferencing over the Internet are tabled below.7 Note that these requirements apply to each video system at your site. If you have more than 6 eHealth Ontario does not provide circuits into physicianshome offices.