Section 5.3 Sample Clauses

Section 5.3. 15 It is further recognized that this Agreement does not alter the responsibility of either party to meet with 16 the other party to advise, discuss or consult regarding matters concerning working conditions not 17 covered by this Agreement.
Section 5.3. 16 The Association will, from time to time, as appropriate, be advised of current and predicted workload
Section 5.3. 29 The Association will, from time to time, as appropriate, be informed of current and predicted workload 30 information. 34 A R T I C L E V I 35 36 ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATION 37 38 Section 6.1. 39 Representatives duly authorized by the Association shall be allowed access to the Superintendent or 40 designee upon request for meetings to consult or be consulted with respect to matters of mutual 41 concern. The times of which shall be mutually agreed upon by such representatives and the 42 Superintendent or designee. 43
Section 5.3. Each regular employee shall be assigned a definite, regular shift and work week, 24 including location, and shall not be changed without a minimum of three (3) days prior notice, 25 except in an emergency situation.
Section 5.3. 34 It is further agreed that during the negotiations which preceded the acceptance of this Agreement, each 35 party had the right to raise such issues as were of concern to it and were appropriate; and, during the term 36 of this Agreement, it may not be reopened; however, this Agreement shall be reopened pursuant to 37 Article XIX of the Agreement and specific sections of the Agreement may be reopened as specified in 38 those sections. 39 40 41 42 A R T I C L E V I 43 44 ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATION 45 46 Section 6.1. 47 The Association shall designate a Representative Counsel of one (1) representative from each 48 classification who will meet with the Superintendent of the District or the Superintendent's designated 1 representative on a mutually agreeable regular basis to discuss appropriate matters, or to notify the District 2 of an Association grievance, pursuant to Section 6.4.1. In the event such meetings are held during 3 working hours for any of the Association representatives, such employees shall be given release time with 4 no loss of compensation.
Section 5.3. 29 In the event that a new job category is established, the wage rate shall be negotiated with the 30 Association before it is established. In the event that good faith negotiations result in impasse, the 31 District will implement the proposed wage rate.
Section 5.3. 39 The Union will designate a Contract-Maintenance Committee of up to three (3) members who will 40 meet with the Superintendent of the District and the Superintendent’s representatives on a mutually 41 agreeable regular basis to discuss appropriate matters. 42
Section 5.3. Section 5.3 of the Development Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and the following Section 5.3.1 is substituted in lieu thereof:
Section 5.3. 32 A Labor/Management Committee of three (3) Association members will meet with the Superintendent 33 on a mutually agreeable regular basis to discuss items of concern or other matters. 35 Section 5.4. School Calendar 36 PSE members shall be allowed to vote on the District created school calendar options that are 37 presented annually. 38 39 40 41 A R T IC L E V I 42 43 HOURS OF WORK AND OVERTIME 44