Provider Directory Sample Clauses

Provider Directory. The Provider Directory for each applicable HMO Program, and any substantive revisions, must be approved by HHSC prior to publication and distribution. The HMO is responsible for submitting draft Provider directory updates to HHSC for prior review and approval if changes other than PCP information or clerical corrections are incorporated into the Provider Directory. As described in Attachment B-1, Section 7, during the Readiness Review, the HMO must develop and submit to HHSC the draft Provider Directory template for approval and must submit a final Provider Directory incorporating changes required by HHSC prior to the Operational Start Date. Such draft and final Provider Directories must be submitted according to the deadlines established in Attachment B-1, Section 7.
Provider Directory. Your guide to all providers in the plan’s network 9
Provider Directory. The Contractor shall develop a searchable provider directory. A printed copy of the provider directory shall also be available to members and OMPP upon request. The Contractor may use the same provider directory for its Indiana State Medicaid lines of business as long as the directory clearly designates which population(s) the provider serves. In accordance with 42 CFR 438.10(h), the provider directory shall include the following information:  Lists of PMPs, the PMPs’ service locations (including county), phone numbers, office hours, type of PMP (i.e., family practice, general practitioners, general internists, general pediatricians, obstetricians and gynecologists, and internal medicine physicians specializing in pediatrics or endocrinology) and whether the PMPs are accepting new members;  Lists of specialty providers (including behavioral health providers and community mental health centers), their service locations (including county), phone numbers, office hours, type of specialty;  Lists of hospital providers, home care providers and all other network providers;  Languages spoken by the provider or the provider’s office personnel;  Provider web sites, if applicable;  If the provider has accommodations for people with physical disabilities; and  Pharmacies and behavioral health providers. The Contractor shall include the aforementioned provider network information in an OMPP- approved format (compliant with Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act) on its member website. The Contractor shall list provider network information by county on the Contractor’s website and update the information every two (2) weeks. Network provider information shall be available to print from a remote user location.
Provider Directory. The Contractor shall develop, regularly maintain and make available Provider Directories that include information for all types of Providers in the Contractor’s network, including, but not limited to PCPs, hospitals, specialists, Providers of ancillary services, behavioral health/ substance use disorder facilities, and pharmacies. In accordance with 42 C.F.R. § 438.10(h), the Provider Directory shall include, but is not limited to, the following information for physicians (including, but limited to, specialists), hospitals, pharmacies, and behavioral health providers:
Provider Directory. The Contractor shall mail via surface mail a Provider Directory to all new Members within ten (10) Calendar Days of receiving the notice of Enrollment from DCH or the State’s Agent.
Provider Directory. PROVIDER understands and agrees DAVIS and Plan(s) reserve the right to use PROVIDER’s name, address, telephone number, type of practice, and willingness to accept new patients for the purposes of printing and distributing provider directories to Member(s). Such directories are intended for and may be inspected and used by prospective patients and others.
Provider Directory a. The Health Plan shall mail a provider directory to all new enrollees, including those who reenrolled after the open enrollment period. The Health Plan shall provide the most recently printed provider directory and append to it a list of the providers who have left the network and those who have been added since the directory was printed. In lieu of the appendix to the provider directory the Health Plan may enclose a letter stating that the most current listing of providers is available by calling the Health Plan at its toll-free telephone number and at the Health Plan's website. The letter shall include the telephone number and the Internet address that will take the enrollee directly to the online provider directory.
Provider Directory. Network shall maintain a provider directory for the purpose of advising Customers and Participants of Network Providers participating in the Network, which provider directory shall be accessible through Network’s website. Network shall exercise best efforts to include Network Provider in such provider directory. Network Provider agrees that Network and/or Customers may use Network Provider’s name, practice name, trade names, trademarks, service marks, symbols, addresses, telephone numbers, types of services provided by Network Provider and any other identifying information not only in such provider directory, but also in any other print or electronic media.