Administrative Fee Sample Clauses

Administrative Fee. NCTCOG will utilize an administrative fee, in the form of a percent of cost that will apply to all contracts between awarded contractor and NCTCOG or participants resulting from this solicitation. The administrative fee will be remitted by the contractor to NCTCOG on a quarterly basis, along with required quarterly reporting. The remuneration fee for this program will be 2% on sales.
Administrative Fee. Outside Counsel agrees that, pursuant to Subsection 402.0212(c) of the Texas Government Code and Title 1, Chapter 57 of the Texas Administrative Code, a non- refundable administrative fee is due to the OAG for the review of Outside Counsel invoices. In the event that Outside Counsel fails to timely submit to the OAG the required administrative fee, any invoices shall be deemed incorrect and incomplete and not eligible for payment. Outside Counsel may not charge or seek reimbursement from the Agency for the payment of the administrative fee. Outside Counsel will submit the administrative fee to the following address: Outside Counsel Invoice Office of the Attorney General X.X. Xxx 00000 Xxxxxx, XX 00000-0000 Checks or money orders must be made payable to the “Office of the Attorney General” and reference the OCC Number.
Administrative Fee. Four times a year, Contractor is required to pay an Administrative Fee to the State in the amount of 0.75% for all Services acquired under this HBITS Contract. This includes Services acquired by all Authorized Users. Costs associated with travel that are billed to the State are excluded from the Administrative Fee remittance payment. These payments must be remitted in accordance with the following schedule: Payment No. Billing Period Administrative Fee Due Date to OGS 1 January 1st to March 31st May 15th 2 April 1st to June 30th August 15th 3 July 1st to September 30th November 15th 4 October 1st to December 31st February 15th(of following calendar year) Payments, in the form of check or money order, can be made to the following contact name and address: New York State Office of General Services Division of Financial Administration Re: HBITS Administrative Fee Payment XX Xxx 0000 - XXX Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, XX 00000-0000 Include with your payment, your NYS vendor identification number, the HBITS Contract number and reference what payment number the remittance addresses (e.g., 1, 2, 3 or 4). Also include pertinent contact name and information for questions and verification. The State shall have the right to verify fee payments and to take any action(s) necessary to enforce its rights under the Contract including, but not limited to, the right to stop payments until such fees are received, review Contractor’s financial records pertaining to sales under their Contract or suspend further sales under the Contract. Failure to remit payment in accordance with the above listed schedule shall affect the Contractor’s yearly performance evaluation. Repeated failure to timely remit the Administrative Fee may result in OGS terminating the Contract for cause. A Contractor’s status as Active or Waitlisted does not affect its contractual obligation to remit payments for the administrative fee. If moved from Active to the Waitlist, Contractor is still obligated to remit the administrative fee for any xxxxxxxx made under the Contract during the billing period. If Contractor had no xxxxxxxx during the applicable billing period and is not required to pay the Administrative Fee, it shall submit a written notice that no administrative fee is due in accordance with above listed schedule. Such written notice shall be submitted to OGS as designated below: NYS Office of General Services Re: HBITS Administrative Fee Non-Payment Corning Tower, 00xx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx, XX 00000...
Administrative Fee. On each Reconciliation Date Seller shall pay to Buyer an Administrative Fee equal to 1.0 (%) percent of the face amount of each Purchased Receivable first purchased during that Reconciliation Period (the "Administrative Fee"). Buyer shall deduct the Administrative Fee from the Reserve as set forth in Section 3.5 below.
Administrative Fee. Equalis Group only generates revenue when the Winning Supplier generates revenue based on contract utilization by current and future Members. The administrative fee is normally calculated as a percentage of the total Spend for agencies accessing product and services through the Master Agreement and is typically two percent (2%) to three percent (3%). In some categories, a flat fee or another fee structure may be acceptable. Please provide your organization’s proposed Administrative Fee percentage or structure. NOTE: The proposed Administrative Fee language for this contract is based on the terms disclosed in the Attachment A – Model Administration Agreement.
Administrative Fee. The fee paid by Contractor to cover the cost of OETC’s internal and external sales and marketing efforts, as well as management of the contract for its entire duration. This includes but is not limited to: customer service, order support, and management of Contractor’s page within in the OETC Store.
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Administrative Fee. The OETC Administrative Fee is set in §1B. For OETC Member orders placed directly with Contractor or its Fulfillment Agents, the OETC Administrative Fee shall be submitted quarterly by the Contractor and is based on sales of products and services (less any charges for taxes or shipping) resulting from this Contract. The quarterly submission must include the OETC Member name, date of purchase and amount purchased. This fee is to be included as part of the pricing submitted with Respondent's proposal. For OETC Member orders placed directly by OETC the OETC Administrative Fee will be collected by at the time of sale. Contract Awardee and/or its Fulfillment Agents may apply to the OETC Contract Administrator for a one-time OETC Administrative Fee reduction for large orders with a dollar value over $1,000,000.
Administrative Fee. Contractor agrees to provide a quarterly administrative fee to the State in the form of a check,EFT or online payment through the Division’s Automated Vendor Usage Management System. Checks will be payable to the “State of Utah Division of Purchasing” and will be sent to State of Utah, Division of Purchasing, Attn: Cooperative Contracts, PO Box 141061, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1061. The Administrative Fee will be the amount listed in the Solicitation and will apply to all purchases (net of any returns, credits, or adjustments) made under this Contract.
Administrative Fee. The administrative fee is set in § Contract Details.
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