Web Site Sample Clauses

Web Site. Information on registration for and use of the E-Verify program can be obtained via the Internet at the Department of Homeland Security Web site: xxxx://xxx.xxx.xxx/E-Verify.
Web Site. The Manager, at the Company’s request, will provide access to its account information electronically, via the world wide web, based upon the Company’s use of a BlackRock issued user id and password. The Company acknowledges and agrees the world wide web is a continually growing medium and the Manager does not make any warranty regarding the security related to the world wide web. The Company must be aware there is no absolute guaranteed system or technique to fully secure information made available over the web. The Company agrees that it will not share its user id, password and access to information provided electronically with any third party.
Web Site. ‌ The MCO must have a dedicated, readily accessible web site for its MHCP programs which is accessible to Potential Enrollees and Enrollees, Local Agency staff, and other outreach partners, that links to the Enrollee/Member Handbooks, Provider Directories, Formularies and any other information necessary for a Potential Enrollee or Enrollee to obtain or access covered services. These documents must be readily accessible and provided in an electronic form which can be electronically retained and printed. The web site must be easily accessible from the MCO’s main landing page and the documents listed above must be prominently placed on the MHCP programs web site. The MCO web site must provide enough information to allow an Enrollee to select a Primary Care Provider, and other Providers if the MCO requires them to be selected. The STATE will provide this information on its public web site; the MCO is required to send any changes or updates in the web site link of the MCO web site to the STATE before the web site link changes.
Web Site. Notwithstanding 13.5, the Company shall, to the maximum extent permitted by law, be deemed to have satisfied its obligations to provide financial statements, reports or other notices pursuant to this Agreement if the Company posts such financial statements, reports or other notices on a web site and gives notice to the Members, pursuant to 13.5, of the availability of such financial statements, reports or other notices, the URL address of the web site and a password for access to such web site, if necessary, and such access will include the ability to download and print such financial statements, reports or other notices.
Web Site. The Internet site operated by Supplier to provide access to the Application, with the Uniform Resource Locator ("URL") specified in the applicable order or SOW (or any successor URL(s)).
Web Site. On and after the Service Commencement Date, Service Provider may maintain a web site that gives policyholders of Reinsured Policies and their respective authorized agents full access to Policy data including daily account values and unit values as well as allows sub-account transfers and premium allocation changes. Such web site shall be designed, implemented and maintained in accordance with standards of the insurance industry for customer information access and on-line customer transactions, with such standards including firewalls and other protections assuring: (a) the security of the web site and of individual policyholder information and transactions, and (b) the privacy of and limited access to, the policyholder's account and account related information (or other personal or personally identifying information). Suitable protections will include, but not be limited to, encryption and appropriate password requirements that, among other things, prevent unauthorized transactions or investment selections. Information obtained or derived from the operation of any and all portions of the web site relating to the Reinsured Policies shall not be used for any purpose other than performance of the Services under the Administrative Services Agreement. Further, the design, implementation and operation of the web site shall be conducted in accordance with Applicable Law and the requirements and applicable standards set forth in the Administrative Services Agreement. 21347397v6 SCHEDULE 1
Web Site. The District shall provide a link to the CSEA web page on the District’s web server, with content provided by and controlled by CSEA. Content shall adhere to both CSEA and District policies, rules, and regulations.
Web Site. Access Company shall provide continual access to the Client's indicated publically accessible web site information via the public Internet.
Web Site. Each Web Portal shall function in accordance with the applicable functionality standards set forth in the Web Site Specifications and will be submitted to Publisher for inspection and testing as part of the Beta Version for the Web Site to which the Web Portal relates. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, each Web Portal will include, or incorporate the features of, the CityBoss Product.
Web Site. Vendor shall maintain their own Web site where solutions and prices offered on the KETS contract may be easily/quickly viewed. The web site should allow KETS customers to place and view orders. This information must be easily accessible and easily recognized as “KETS Master Agreement” pricing. The vendor Web site shall also clearly identify the contract number and vendor contact information. The vendor shall work with the OET Vendor Manager to satisfy the Web site requirements within (90) ninety days of a contract award.