THE NAMES Sample Clauses

THE NAMES. Secure” AND “SIM”. The Adviser grants to the Trust a license to use the names “Secure” and “SIM” (the “Name”) as part of the name of any Fund during the term of this Agreement. The foregoing authorization by the Adviser to the Trust to use the Name as part of the name of any Fund is not exclusive of the right of the Adviser itself to use, or to authorize others to use, the Name; the Trust acknowledges and agrees that, as between the Trust and the Adviser, the Adviser has the right to use, or authorize others to use, the Name. The Trust shall: (i) only use the Name in a manner consistent with uses approved by the Adviser; (ii) use its best efforts to maintain the quality of the services offered using the Name; and (iii) adhere to such other specific quality control standards as the Adviser may from time to time promulgate. At the request of the Adviser, the Trust will (i) submit to the Adviser representative samples of any promotional materials using the Name, and (ii) change the name of any Fund within three months of its receipt of the Adviser’s request, or such other shorter time period as may be required under the terms of a settlement agreement or court order, so as to eliminate all reference to the Name and will not thereafter transact any business using the Name in the name of any Fund. As soon as practicable following the termination of this Agreement, but in no event longer than three months, the Trust shall cease the use of the Name and any related logos or any confusingly similar name and/or logo in connection with the marketing or operation of the Funds.

Related to THE NAMES

  • Use of Names The Manager and the Fund agree that the Manager has a proprietary interest in the names “DFA” and “Dimensional,” and that the Fund and/or Portfolio may use such names only as permitted by the Manager, and the Fund further agrees to cease use of such names promptly after receipt of a written request to do so from the Manager.