Direct access definition

Direct access means access to a patient or resident or to a patient's or resident's property, financial information, medical records, treatment information, or any other identifying information.
Direct access means that an individual has, or likely will have:

Examples of Direct access in a sentence

  • Direct access from residential lots to a major street shall be avoided when- ever possible.

  • Direct access to the Executive Board.38 Annual accounts 2011A nnu al account s 2 011 40 Comment on the annual accounts for 2011 Total expenditure rose compared to the previous year by around 16.4 million CHF.

  • Direct access keys:● First key: View ink levels, see Using your printer on DVD● Second key: View loaded paper, see Using your printer on DVD● Third key: Unload paper, see Unload a roll on page 15 and Unload a single sheet on page 20● Fourth key: Form feed and cut, see Using your printer on DVD2.

  • ADHA supports oral healthcare workforce models that culminate in:• Graduation from an accredited institution• Professional Licensure• Direct access to patient care Mid-level Oral Health Practitioner:A licensed dental hygienist who has graduated from an accredited dental hygiene program and who provides primary oral healthcare directly to patients to promote and restore oral health through assessment, diagnosis, treatment, evaluation, and referral services.

  • Direct access includes examining, analyzing, verifying, and reproducing any records and reports that are important to the evaluation of the study.

More Definitions of Direct access

Direct access means the opportunity to have personal contact with persons receiving care during the course of one's assigned duties.
Direct access means physical access to a patient or resident of a long-term care facility that affords an individual with the opportunity to commit abuse or neglect against or misappropriate the property of a patient or resident.
Direct access means that an individual has, or likely will have, contact with or access to a minor or vulnerable adult that provides the individual with an opportunity for personal communication or touch. See Utah Code Ann. 62A-2-101(8).
Direct access means access to the national identification index by computer terminal or other automated means not requiring the assistance of or intervention by any other party or agency.
Direct access means having the au- thority to access systems managed by the FBI CJIS Division, whether by manual or automated methods, not re- quiring the assistance of or interven- tion by any other party or agency.
Direct access means a seat from which a passenger can proceed directly to the exit without entering an aisle or passing around an obstruction.
Direct access means the right of electric suppliers and their customers to use an electric distribution company's transmission and distribution system on a nondiscriminatory basis at rates, terms and conditions of service comparable to the electric distribution company's own use of the system to transmit or distribute electricity from any electric supplier to any customer.