Pocket Expenses Sample Clauses

Pocket Expenses. The Trust shall reimburse SSI for any and all out-of-pocket expenses and charges in performing services under this Agreement (other than charges for normal data processing services and related software, equipment and facilities) including, but not limited to, mailing service, postage, printing of shareholder statements, the cost of any and all forms of the Trust and other materials used by SSI in communicating with shareholders of the Trust, the cost of any equipment or service used for communicating with the Trust's custodian bank or other agent of the Trust, and all costs of telephone communication with or on behalf of shareholders allocated in a manner mutually acceptable to the Trust and SSI.
Pocket Expenses. The fees set forth above shall be in addition to the payment of out-of-pocket expenses, as provided for in Section 4 of this Agreement.
Pocket Expenses. At Cost Out-of-pocket expenses such as, but not limited to, postage, courier, overnight mail, insurance, money wire transfer, long distance telephone charges, facsimile, stationery, travel, legal (out-of-pocket to counsel) or accounting, will be billed at cost.
Pocket Expenses. Any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses including attorney’s fees will be considered extraordinary services for which related costs, transaction charges, and additional fees will be billed at cost.
Pocket Expenses. In addition to the above fee-schedule, Out-of-Pocket expenses will be charged as incurred. These charges would include but are not limited to: • Securities pricing. • Custom electronic interfaces and/or programming beyond normal and customary system development associated with conversion. • Local taxes, stamp duties or other assessments, including stock exchange fees, postage and insurance for shipping, facsimile reporting, extraordinary telecommunications fees or other unusual expenses, which are unique to a country in which the Funds are investing. See Second Amendment, dated 9/5/08 Compensating Balance Arrangement The Funds and The Bank of New York have entered into a compensating balance arrangement, which would allow the Funds to compensate the Bank for any overdrafts by maintaining a positive cash balance the next day. Conversely, on any day the Funds maintain a positive balance, they will be allowed to overdraw the account as compensation. In both cases, Federal Reserve requirements, currently 10%, will be assessed. Therefore, all overdrafts must be compensated at 100% of the total and all positive balances will allow for an overdraft of 90% of the total. Balances for the tax-exempt portfolios will be permitted an open-ended roll forward. The taxable portfolios are closed out on a quarterly basis with no carry-over to the subsequent quarter. At the end of each quarter, the average overdraft will be assessed a fee of 1% above the actual Federal Funds rate at the end of the period. Any average positive balance will receive an earnings credit computed at the daily effective 90 day T-bill rate minus 0.25 bps on the last day of the period. Earnings credits will be offset against the Funds’ safekeeping fees. GLOBAL CUSTODY (Non-US Securities Processing) Countries Global Safekeeping Fee *(in basis points)1 Transaction Fee (U.S. Dollars)2 Argentina 17.00 55 Australia 1.50 25 Austria 3.00 40 Bahrain 50.00 140 Bangladesh 50.00 145 Belgium 2.50 35 Bermuda 17.00 70 Botswana 50.00 140 Brazil 12.00 30 Bulgaria 30.00 85 Canada 1.00 10 Chile 20.00 80 China “A” Shares 15.00 80 China “B” Shares 15.00 60 Colombia 50.00 95 Costa Rica 14.00 65 Croatia 25.00 70 Cyprus 15.00 35 Czech Republic 18.00 50 Denmark 2.00 35 Ecuador 30.00 55 Egypt 30.00 85 Estonia 10.00 60 Euromarket/Euroclear3 1.00 10 Euromarket/Clearstream 1.00 10 Finland 3.50 35 France 2.00 30 Germany 1.50 25 Ghana 50.00 140 Greece 9.00 40 Hong Kong 3.00 45 Hungary 20.00 55 1 Fee is expressed in basis points (...
Pocket Expenses. Any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by us will be billed at cost, to be paid by U.S. Bank. These items will include, but not be limited to, legal costs, travel expenses, document duplication and facsimiles, courier services, etc.