Subscriber Agreement definition

Subscriber Agreement means an agreement that governs the issuance and use of a Certificate that the Applicant must read and accept before receiving a Certificate.
Subscriber Agreement means a valid, binding agreement which governs the redistribution of Data and is made between Redistributors and Subscribers.
Subscriber Agreement means an agreement used by a CA or RA setting forth the terms and conditions under which an individual or organization acts as a Subscriber.

Examples of Subscriber Agreement in a sentence

  • All reports shall be submitted electronically by using the NetDMR application, upon registration, receipt of the NetDMR Subscriber Agreement, and IDEM approval of the proposed NetDMR Signatory.

  • The Idaho Counties Risk Management Program, Underwriters, a pooled insurance and risk management program established pursuant to the statutes of this state by this Joint Powers Subscriber Agreement and licensed as a reciprocal insurer pursuant to Idaho Code Title 41, Chapter 29.

More Definitions of Subscriber Agreement

Subscriber Agreement means the summary of the agreement signed by the customer for the provision of services by the supplier to the customer;
Subscriber Agreement means any agreement that Nasdaq may require Distributor to obtain from External Subscribers prior to Distributor providing External Subscribers with Information.
Subscriber Agreement means any agreement that BATS may require Data Recipient to obtain from an External Subscriber prior to Data Recipient providing such External Subscriber with Exchange Data.
Subscriber Agreement means a written agreement that provides a credit information provider or a subscriber with the terms and conditions upon which data subject information may be disclosed to, or may be accessed from, a credit bureau;
Subscriber Agreement means an agreement between the Licensee, or one of the Licensee's Authorised Affiliates and a Subscriber for Subscriber Use of the Data;
Subscriber Agreement means the terms and conditions of receipt of Market Data by a Subscriber from a Controlled Data Distributor for Subscriber’s own use substantially in the form of the Market Data Subscriber Agreement attached hereto as Schedule D.
Subscriber Agreement means the subscriber agreement between You and Fanplayr (or a subsidiary or distributor of Fanplayr), and if no such agreement is signed the form of subscriber agreement set out in Schedule A.