Activation Date Sample Clauses

Activation Date. Provided that: (i) the Commitment Expiration Date shall not then have occurred, and (ii) Customer shall have subscribed to the WCMA Program and its subscription to the WCMA Program shall then be in effect, the Activation Date shall occur on or promptly after the date, following the acceptance of this Loan Agreement by MLBFS at its office in Chicago, Illinois, upon which each of the General Funding Conditions shall have been met or satisfied to the reasonable satisfaction of MLBFS. No activation by MLBFS of the WCMA Line of Credit for a nominal amount shall be deemed evidence of the satisfaction of any of the conditions herein set forth, or a waiver of any of the terms or conditions hereof. Customer hereby authorizes MLBFS to pay out of and charge to Customer's WCMA Account on the Activation Date any and all amounts necessary to fully pay off any bank or other financial institution having a lien upon any of the Collateral other than a Permitted Lien.
Activation Date. The date on which Activation takes place in a Phase I E9-1-1 Service Area, as described in the Work Plan.
Activation Date. The date on which Company begins to provide the applicable Service to any Authorized Subscriber.
Activation Date. Subject to the terms and conditions hereof, on the Closing Date MLPF&S will activate a WCMA Line of Credit for WCMA Reducing Revolving Loans for Customer in the amount of the Maximum WCMA Reducing Revolving Line of Credit. The WCMA Reducing Revolving Loan will be funded out of the WCMA Line of Credit for WCMA Reducing Revolving Loans immediately after such activation (or, if otherwise directed in the Closing Certificate and hereafter expressly agreed by MLBFS, all or part of the WCMA Reducing Revolving Loan may be made available as a WCMA Line of Credit and funded by Customer).
Activation Date either the date on which a Process Library is activated by the Customer in accordance with clause 3.2.
Activation Date. The Activation Date shall have occurred and all conditions set forth in Section 2.6 hereof shall have been satisfied.
Activation Date. “Activation Date” means the date on which the Services are setup and made available online for Customer to use.
Activation Date. The date on which the Services become available for use by Shared Customers from one or more of the Merchant’s websites.