Network Administration Sample Clauses

Network Administration. 5.2.1 Excalibur will only assume full responsibility for the operational status of the Client’s IT network if the network administrator username and password is only known by Excalibur’s engineers. This information is kept safely and securely by Excalibur and will not be disclosed to any employee of the Client. By the Client accepting this, any network related issues will fall within the terms of this Agreement and as such will not incur additional costs.
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Network Administration. Coordination and review of retailer approval and retailer programs, scheduling and programming of advertising and advertiser playlists and content; coordination with advertisers and/or advertising agencies. All aspects of vendor identification, review, diligence, and management of Network Operations Center (“NOC”) utilized for the secure delivery of data, information, and content to/from all of ProDava’s 3D Systems installed in Rite Aid’s stores, and all necessary application “Software as a Service” (“SaaS”) required on same 3D Systems. NOC and SaaS will be performed by a third party service provider to be determined by Provision in its commercially reasonable discretion, or any other commercially reasonable third party service provider approved by ProDava.
Network Administration. This Service entails ongoing management, training and assistance in troubleshooting the network components used by the Covered Systems. This Service covers equipment, such as routers, switches, load-balancers, and firewall devices for both physical and virtual private networks used to connect FTD’s networks to United Online’s networks for the provision of other Services herein, as well as Internet backbone connectivity and intra-office connectivity. Ongoing management services include management of network hardware and software maintenance.
Network Administration. Supplier will administer all Network requirements and activities, including processing change requests, administering passwords, and monitoring performance. Other Supplier responsibilities include:
Network Administration. This contract would provide Network Administration services in the operation of the various areas of the BIG BEND JOBS & EDUCATION COUNCIL (also known as BBJEC) computer network, including all locations - Wakulla, Gadsden and Xxxx Counties. Also included will be a designated number of hours for remote or onsite work at the various locations to provide advice and guidance on everyday normal issues, "how-to" issues with maintenance, disaster recovery, virus protection, various upgrades, license renewals, budgeting, etc. This support would also include projects such as router upgrades, e-mail server upgrades, backup server upgrades, remote site network setups, and handling of connectivity issues, staff support for vacation/training times when regular staff is not available, software upgrades, firmware upgrades to existing hardware and technical advice on network related grants to include connectivity, hardware and site reviews if necessary. This contract would also provide Phone / E-mail / Remote Access/ Onsite support to resolve emergency issues. Hours for this type of support are included in the designated hours of support in the contract. This contract also includes any required meetings or other functions in which Network Administration staff would be needed. These include, but aren't limited to, monthly management meetings, EFM conference calls, Quarterly MIS consortium meetings, and any other required meetings. (Any overage in hours because. of meetings will be billed at the standard hourly rate of $40 per hour) This contract would also provide on-site representation (i.e. Account Manager) at all BBJEC Board of Director's meeting unless informed otherwise. This contract would include ongoing staff training at a minimum of once quarterly. The training will be coordinated through BBJEC staff. This contract also includes the development of a Continuity of Operations Plan with ongoing risk assessment.
Network Administration. Install, maintain and repair a variety of network services including Cisco routers, switches and other associated communications equipment. Monitor and analyze performance. Respond to problems and coordinate timely repair of circuit outages. Deployment of network products, operational support of network products, network tuning and network diagramming. Equipment that is not currently part of the IT Standards list (approved through TAB) can only be supported on a “Best Effort” basis.
Network Administration. Assist with the operation and development of the ICT network to enable the organisation’s support service and business systems infrastructure to operate effectively Assist with the installation, delivery and maintenance of software Assist with the installation of new equipment on the network Assist with maintaining the security and integrity of the organisation’s network infrastructure Administer user accounts, including associated security Assist with day to day activities such as antivirus management, email, data backups, provisioning of new computers, administration of network resources Assist with analysing requirements for emerging technologies Participate in internal and external User Group activities to investigate systems and identify improved and/or alternative approaches Participate in team discussions for evaluating network performance and forward planning Assist with the security of those GRLC assets under the control of the Technologies Team.
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Network Administration. BlueCross shall administer its established cost containment programs and access and availability benefits management programs, as selected by DocuSign Envelope ID: CD93B45A-0105-43E7-9602-5AE5EB65AF29 DocuSign Envelope ID: 00C2B362-1FE5-4A7F-86FB-24039505711D Employer. BlueCross’s provider contracts and medical policies control network administration.
Network Administration. Customer is responsible to monitor and maintain, repair, replace and upgrade its local, and wide area network components (if any)—including network servers, network clients, network hubs, routers, modems, and other software components necessary for efficient and reliable network operations associated with on premise Covered Softwareto ensure continued conformance with the applicable published Itron specifications. In addition, Customer is responsible to administer related host names, Internet Protocol addresses, network interfaces, access, security, communications, and equipment and software version control. DRAFT
Network Administration. Customer acknowledges that it has considered Service Provider’s methods of providing the Pylot Platform Services and that it understands how Service Provider’s network is configured and how the Pylot Platform Services will be provided. Customer accepts full responsibility for ensuring that any material or content any User places on Service Provider’s servers or transmits using Service Provider’s network will not adversely impact Service Provider’s ability to provide similar services to other customers. Service Provider reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the Pylot Platform Services in the event that Customer’s use of the Pylot Platform Services causes instability or damage to Service Provider’s network, servers or equipment, as determined by Service Provider in its sole and exclusive discretion.
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