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Business Systems has the meaning set forth in Section 4.01(s)(viii).

Examples of Business Systems in a sentence

  • The Company has taken commercially reasonable actions to protect the security and integrity of the Business Systems and the data stored or contained therein or transmitted thereby including by implementing industry standard procedures preventing unauthorized access and the introduction of any “back door,” “drop dead device,” “time bomb,” “Trojan horse,” “virus,” or “worm” (as such terms are commonly understood in the software industry) (“ Malicious Code”).

  • Hill, Director, Office of Financial Management Gary Kavanagh, Director, Business Systems Operations Group Carmen Keller, Director, Office of Medicare Adjudication James Kerr, New York Regional Administrator Thomas Kickham, Director, Partnership and Promotion Group Mary Laureno, Director, Beneficiary Information Services Group Timothy Love, Director, Office of Information Services Sonia A.

  • To the Knowledge of the Company, neither the Business Systems nor the Products contain any Malicious Code, material defect, or software code designed or intended to have any of the following functions: (1) disrupting, disabling, harming, or otherwise impeding in any material manner the operation of, or providing unauthorized access to, a computer system or network or other device on which such code is stored or installed; or (2) damaging or destroying any data or file without the user’s consent.

  • We interviewed key officials within Information Technology (IT) Sales and Marketing Business Systems Portfolio; IT Network Operations Business Systems Portfolio; Corporate Information Security Office (CISO); Data Transport Services (DTS); Database Support Services (DBSS); and Intelligent Mail Address Quality.

  • There has been no failure, material substandard performance, or breach of any Business Systems, or of the computer systems of Company contractors that has caused any material disruption to the business, activities or operations of the Company or resulted in any unauthorized intrusion, disclosure of, or access to any data owned or Processed by the Company.

More Definitions of Business Systems

Business Systems has the meaning set forth in Section 2.10(d).
Business Systems means all computer hardware (whether general or special purpose), electronic data processing systems, information technology systems and computer systems, including any outsourced electronic data processing, information technology, or computer systems that are owned or used by or for any of the Company Group in the conduct of the business of the Company Group.