Development of a Sample Clauses

Development of a new IT Strategy Over the past number of years the Office used the resources available to put in place a comprehensive and efficient IT infrastructure. The Office recognises that notwithstanding the potential to achieve savings and efficiencies, the development and maintenance of ICT facilities can involve significant cost. In the context of severely reduced funds and staffing there is a critical need to ensure that all necessary development to enhance, upgrade or introduce new facilities takes place in a coherent and strategic manner taking into account the scarce resources available to implement such measures. A new IT strategy will be formulated to cover the period 2012 to 2015 in order to plan all such developments and expenditure. Paragraphs 1.4, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 4.1, 4.13 and 4.15 Work will commence in third quarter of 2011 to be completed by end of year.
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Development of a. “reference case library” that advances a standard set of inputs of meteorology and land-use data, as well as different project facility types and traffic volumes. Such a library could serve as guidance and as a QA/QC check for future analyses. In addition to these five areas of research specific to PM and MSATs, a sixth, separate, area of research for CO was identified. This is:
Development of a draft seabird conservation measure A draft seabird conservation measure for possible adoption in tuna RFMOs (SBWG-4 Doc
Development of a draft seabird conservation measure A draft seabird conservation measure for possible adoption in tuna RFMOs (SBWG-4 Doc 56) was presented to the meeting with the intent of prompting the development of specific ACAP advice on recommended best practices for seabird bycatch mitigation. Following discussion of various aspects of the draft conservation measure it was agreed that the draft seabird conservation measure would provide a useful tool to guide the work of the tuna RFMOs. It was noted that the draft conservation measure would need to be amended to reflect the best-practice advice determined by the Working Group and that this may need to be undertaken intersessionally, possibly incorporating the views of experts not present at the meeting. It was agreed that the draft conservation measure should also follow the framework adopted above.
Development of a concept for a model PES program with local communities to reward protection of biodiversity and/or forests and forest resources in the EPL; and b)
Development of a. Bio-monitoring Care Plan Patient participation in self-directed care is essential to both increased patient compliance and reducing costs. Through an interactive process, the Bio- monitoring Nurse Care Manager will work with the patient, support persons and other care providers to develop a plan of care to include performing daily bio- monitoring, reporting and other activities to expand their chronic disease management. The care plan will be re-evaluated at least annually and as needed.
Development of a plan for a comprehensive training program for District officials and administrators responsible for implementing and enforcing federal anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws and related policies and procedures, and all appropriate school-level and security personnel.‌
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Development of a planning solution
Development of a recommended high level application design and technical solution that meets the defined requirements.
Development of a. Collaboration Compound for a Non-Metabolic Indication ---------------------------------------------------------------------- by ERGO: ERGO may Develop but not Commercialize a Collaboration Compound for one ------- or more Non-Metabolic Indications during the term of this Agreement, provided, however, such Collaboration Compound (other than Bromocriptine) is not Commercialized as of the date on which ERGO begins Development for such Collaboration Compound for such Non-Metabolic Indication(s). If a Collaboration Compound (other than Bromocriptine) is Commercialized before Development begins for a Non-Metabolic Indication, ERGO may not Develop such Collaboration Compound for a Non-
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