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Computer network means the interconnection of hardwire or wireless communication lines with a computer through remote terminals, or a complex consisting of 2 or more interconnected computers.
Computer network means the interconnection of one or more computers through—

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  • Schmitt, Computer network attack and the use of force in international law-technical skills to enable them to cause losses or defend and repel attacks, and on the other hand, the use of the Internet has become increasingly An effective tool for armed groups to wage wars and cyber-attacks, they have found an effective way to fight in cyberspace to recruit soldiers through it and achieve their military wishes.

  • Administrative Regulation Descriptor Code: IFBG-R Internet Acceptable Use Computer, Network, Internet, Electronic Communications, and Social Media Acceptable Use Computer network use is governed by federal and state laws which specify punitive legal actions that can be taken, as well as terms of imprisonment and/or financial fines that may be imposed by the courts for conviction of computer-related crimes.The State of Georgia has passed laws which govern the use of computers and related technology.

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Computer network means two or more computers connected by a network.
Computer network means any system that provides communications between one or more computer systems and its input or output devices, including, but not limited to, display terminals and printers that are connected by telecommunication facilities.
Computer network means a set of related, remotely connected devices and communication facilities including two or more computers with capability to transmit data among them through communication facilities.
Computer network means the interconnection of communication systems between computers or
Computer network means an interconnection of 2 or more computers or computer systems by satellite, microwave, line, cable, wiring, or other communication medium with the capability to transmit information among the computers or computer systems.
Computer network means a system that provides a medium for communication between one or more computer systems or electronic devices, including communication with an input or output device such as a display terminal, printer, or other electronic equipment that is connected to the computer systems or electronic devices by physical or wireless telecommunication facilities.
Computer network means the interconnection of communication systems between computers or computers and remote terminals.