Staff Training Sample Clauses

Staff Training. (1) The Hospital may sponsor a staff for courses or training approved by the Hospital to upgrade the staff’s skills and knowledge. It shall provide time-off for the staff to sit for examinations for such sponsored courses.
Staff Training. The Employer and the Union are committed to encouraging the continuous development of employees. The employee's supervisor shall assess the training needs required by the employee where jobs change and/or the technologies used for the job change. The Employer commits to providing the training required and the employee commits to taking the identified training. The training may be provided as part of a larger Employer group or may be individual. It is understood that in order to provide the required training, the training must be available and affordable. As part of any performance review, the supervisor will assess and document the training and professional development needs of the employee to improve how the employee performs their job. At any other time, both the employee and/or the supervisor may discuss the training and professional development needs the employee requires. An employee shall not suffer a loss of regular earnings for time spent in training required by the Employer.
Staff Training. The School agrees to provide all staff with the training necessary to be effective in their positions, including any training required by local, state, or federal law.
Staff Training. (a) Where the Employer designates education or training as job required or Employer initiated, the Employer shall pay the fees and reasonable expenses for the employee to participate in the activity. Such designation shall take place after consultation with the employee. Employees who disagree with the Employer's designation of the activity as training, or as not required for the performance of their duties, shall have the right to grieve that decision in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 (grievance procedure).
Staff Training. Compass Housing Alliance is committed to providing newly hired staff and current staff with adequate staff training to be successful in their positions, and where and when possible, shall make additional training opportunities available to staff as budget allows. The employer shall budget funding to augment program training budgets to be used towards education for staff. Any workshop, seminar, class or other training directly augmenting the employee’s job skills and knowledge must be pre-approved by the supervisor and Human Resources. The employee shall be compensated at the usual rate of pay while attending any trainings and/or educational opportunities. COMPASS HOUSING ALLIANCE WILL PROVIDE ALL BARGAINING UNIT EMPLOYEES WITH THE FOLLOWING TRAININGS: IF POSSIBLE, WITHIN THE FIRST 60 WORK DAYS OF EMPLOYMENT, the employer will provide the following to all bargaining unit staff unless otherwise noted: Crisis Prevention & Intervention Certification** Safety Training & First Aid**, bed bugs Compass Insights 101 Training Anti-harassment Training Case Management Training (for Case Managers & Housing Navigators only) **2-year Certification that will be renewed approximately every two years In addition, basic computer skills training (use of timekeeping system, Microsoft Office/Outlook and HMIS Clarity) will be provided upon request.
Staff Training. Non-professional staff must receive appropriate on-site orientation and training prior to performing assigned duties. Non-professional staff must be supervised by professional and/or administrative staff. Professional and non-professional staff are required to have appropriate experience and any necessary training at the time of hiring. During annual onsite audits performed by Health and Human Services (HHSA), contractor shall provide evidence of training for new hires. Trainings referenced above shall include, but not be limited to: