Communications Equipment definition

Communications Equipment means, as to any Site, all equipment installed at (i) the AT&T Collocation Space by or with respect to any AT&T Collocator or any Wholly Owned Affiliate and (ii) any other portion of the Site with respect to a Tower Subtenant, for the provision of current or future communication services, including voice, video, internet and other data services, which shall include switches, antennas, including microwave antennas, panels, conduits, flexible transmission lines, Cables, radios, amplifiers, filters, interconnect transmission equipment and all associated software and hardware, and will include any modifications, replacements and upgrades to such equipment.
Communications Equipment cabinets, racks, electronic equipment and other equipment that (i) have been installed by the Licensee or a corporate predecessor of the Licensee, before the date of this Agreement, or (ii) are installed, or are to be installed by the Licensee, in the Deemed Area as described in Schedule "B", and (iii) such other equipment as may be installed by the Licensee during the Term and Renewal Term, as approved by the Licensor in accordance with Section 7.
Communications Equipment shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 3.5(a).

Examples of Communications Equipment in a sentence

  • Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing.

  • Metering Equipment means Meters, measurement transformers (voltage, current or combination units), metering protection equipment including alarms, circuitry, associated Communications Equipment and Outstation and wiring.

  • Computer and Communications Equipment Requirements: See 011 Special Provisions with CLF language.

  • The Contractor shall supply a Data Service Unit(s) (DSUs) configured with a Data Communications Equipment (DCE) interface.

  • The VDL M2 requirements include a tunable radio approved to Technical Standard Order (TSO)-C160a, Very High Frequency (VHF) Digital Link (VDL) Mode 2 Communications Equipment, in lieu of TSO-C160.

More Definitions of Communications Equipment

Communications Equipment means the communications equipment of the Licensee and its affiliates, including, without limitation, cabinets, racks, electronic equipment and other similar equipment.
Communications Equipment means the equipment, systems, switches and lines used in connection with voice, data and other communications activities.
Communications Equipment means any and all electronic equipment at the Small Wireless Facility location that processes and transports information from the antennas to the Wireless Provider’s network.
Communications Equipment means, as to any Site, transmitting and/or receiving equipment and other equipment installed at the Reserved Space (as to BMI) or any Available Space (as to a Space Subtenant), which is or will be necessary in providing current and future wireless communication services, including without limitation, switches, antennas, microwave dishes, panels, conduits, flexible transmission lines, cables, radio, amplifiers, filters and other transmission or communications equipment (including interconnect transmission equipment, transmitter(s), receiver(s) and accessories) and such other equipment and associated
Communications Equipment means such Licensee telecommunications equipment and facilities including, but not limited to, cabinets, racks, electronic equipment, electrical power equipment and other similar and related equipment as the Licensee may require for the provision of the Licensee Services;
Communications Equipment cabinets, racks, electronic equipment and other equipment that