Network Services definition

Network Services means the equipment, software, and services necessary to transmit voice, data, or video.
Network Services means any services provided by a Network provider and which are made accessible to the Customer in terms of this agreement;
Network Services means the equipment, software, and services necessary to

Examples of Network Services in a sentence

  • Customer will pay the applicable circuit MRC for any Network Services Local Access Service circuit of DS3 or larger or for any Ethernet Access for a minimum of 12 months, which Customer will pay even if the circuit is cancelled sooner (unless cancelled by Customer for Cause, as defined in Customer’s Agreement).

  • Except where explicitly stated otherwise, these terms apply to Optimized Service (denoted with a “+” and sometimes referred to as Rapid Delivery) and non-Optimized Services Ethernet Access and Network Services Local Access Service.

  • Ethernet Access and Network Services Local Access are ordered based on Customer’s network configuration (see types below).

  • Section 2 (Available Versions) describes the characteristics particular to Optimized Service – Access +, and then to the non-Optimized Services – Ethernet Access and Network Services Local Access Service.

  • Type Performance Characteristics 1* On-Net Premium 2 (U.S. Only) Off-Net Premium 3* Off-Net Premium 4 Off-Net Premium 5 Off-Net Premium EA Standard Off-Net Standard *Network Services Local Access is only available on Type 1 and Type 3.

More Definitions of Network Services

Network Services means any services offered by Customer, as Customer’s primary business model, which services may include the following: access to the Internet, data and voice transmission and any other communications service furnished by Customer by means of Customer’s communications network.
Network Services means any services that Communications Providers or Network Support Infrastructure Owners provide or are authorized to provide to Subscribers.
Network Services means data communication services provided through a network.
Network Services means facilities and resources located on and delivered via a computer-based network including communications systems, internet and intranet services, mobile devices, electronic mail, web services, printer services, database services, back-up services, file services and network management services.
Network Services means Core Network Services and where applicable, Tail Circuit Services.
Network Services means a service consisting of transmission of any form of electronic signals (sound, data, text or images,) used in an electronic communication network but does not include services provided solely to the end user.
Network Services means any service which consists of, or is comprised in, the provision or operation of a network (or of any of the track or other installations comprised in a network), but does not include any service which falls within paragraphs (a) to (d) of subsection (1) above;