To Service Provider Sample Clauses

To Service Provider. In case there is any change in the address of one party, it shall be promptly communicated in writing to the other party.
To Service Provider. AF Services, Inc. with a copy sent by telecopy to Simon Abuyounes at the following number: 310-354-5645
To Service Provider. (i) in case of a formal notice or request to, or consent from, Service Provider, at its address identified on the first page of this Agreement and to the attention of Kathleen Sauvé, Esq., Senior Legal Counsel, Early Stage, and (ii) for any other notice, request or consent, to the appointed project manager, at the same address. Service Provider’s fax number is: (418) 527-3456, and such officer’s email address is;

Related to To Service Provider

  • Stock Plan Administration Service Providers The Participant understands that the Company transfers the Participant’s Personal Data, or parts thereof, to Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (and its affiliated companies), an independent service provider based in the United States which assists the Company with the implementation, administration and management of the Plan. In the future, the Company may select a different service provider and share the Participant’s Personal Data with such different service provider that serves the Company in a similar manner. The Participant understands and acknowledges that the Company’s service provider will open an account for the Participant to receive and trade shares of Common Stock acquired under the Plan and that the Participant will be asked to agree on separate terms and data processing practices with the service provider, which is a condition of the Participant’s ability to participate in the Plan.

  • Service Providers Provider shall enter into written agreements with all Service Providers performing functions pursuant to this Agreement, whereby the Service Providers agree to protect Student Data in manner no less stringent than the terms of this DPA. The list of Provider’s current Service Providers can be accessed through the Provider’s Privacy Policy (which may be updated from time to time).

  • Performance of Services The Contractor is responsible for fully meeting all obligations set forth in the Contract and for providing Product in accordance with the Contract or any Authorized User Agreement.

  • Reliance on Third Party Service Providers Each Party may allow Reporting Financial Institutions to use third party service providers to fulfill the obligations imposed on such Reporting Financial Institutions by a Party, as contemplated in this Agreement, but these obligations shall remain the responsibility of the Reporting Financial Institutions.