Customer Requirements definition

Customer Requirements means Customer’s goals and objectives as well as user requirements and functional and non-functional requirements as set out in the Solution Proposal, the Specification or the Product Backlog.
Customer Requirements means the Customer's requirements for the provision of the Services as set out in schedule 2.1 (Services Requirements) to this Contract with respect to the Services;
Customer Requirements means the following, including without limitation, relevant sequence and structure information and achievable purity qualifications pertaining to a Molecule as well as the molecular, chemical and/or compositional structure(s), along with quantity, technical, purity and any and other customer-required standards for the Molecule(s), as set forth with specificity on the attached Statement of Work.

Examples of Customer Requirements in a sentence

  • The Specification is deemed to be accepted if Customer does not report in writing any material inconsistency with the Customer Requirements within 15 working days after provision of the Specification for acceptance.

  • In a first step, Features will be developed based on Customer Requirements (“Build Phase”).

  • If no Specification is available, SAP will write the Specification based on the Customer Requirements as set out in the Solution Proposal attached to the applicable Order Form.

  • SAP will designate a contact person (“Product Owner”) to discuss Customer Requirements and their priorities.

  • Customer shall declare acceptance of the Specification if it is materially consistent with the Customer Requirements.

More Definitions of Customer Requirements

Customer Requirements means the requirements that must be fulfilled by the Customer as set out in the Proposal or Confirmation or as may be reasonably requested from time to time by the Company.
Customer Requirements means the requirements as set out in Schedule 2.1 (Services Description) and Schedule 2.1 (Call‑Off Services Description) Schedule 2.2 (Performance Levels) and Schedule 2.2 (Call‑Off Performance Levels) Schedule 2.3 (Standards), Schedule 2.4 (Information Security and Assurance) Schedule 2.5 (Insurance) and Schedule 2.5 (Call‑Off Insurance), Schedule 7.5 (Reports, Records and Audit Rights) and Schedule 7.5 (Call‑Off Reports, Records and Audit Rights) Schedule 8.5 (Exit Management) Schedule 8.6 (Service Continuity and Corporate Resolution Planning)
Customer Requirements has the meaning set forth in Section 3(l)(iii).
Customer Requirements has the meaning given to it in clause 18.1.1 all Charges which are not calculated on the basis of the Supplier’s day rates the entity named as the Customer on the applicable Order Form the requirements (if any) set out in the Annex to the Order Form equipment purchased by the “Acceptable Use Policy” “Applicable Law
Customer Requirements means the minimum hardware and software requirements necessary for Licensee to be able to use the Service. Customer Requirements include: 20171106 SuccessEd Initial: ______ _ Licensee Initial: _____ _
Customer Requirements means those requirements provided by the Customer as set out in a technical proposal and / or Quotation.