Vendor will Sample Clauses

Vendor will a. deliver the goods and perform the services that are the subject of the Order by the delivery and performance dates set forth on the face of the Order;
Vendor will be in default of this Agreement after written notice of event of default with no cure after thirty (30) days if: 1) Vendor becomes insolvent, liquidates, is adjudicated as bankrupt, makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, invokes any provision of law for the relief of debtors, or initiates any proceeding seeking protection from its creditors; or 2) Vendor violates any applicable laws or other legal requirements which results in a material adverse impact on the provision of services to Sprint hereunder; or 3) Vendor fails to acquire and/or maintain necessary Right-of-Way for the uninterrupted use of the Route as required under this Agreement; or 4) Vendor fails to provide maintenance and/or repair services to the Route as outlined in this Agreement; or 5) Vendor fails to perform any material obligation under this Agreement; or as expressly provided in Article 4.10. FiveCom LLC Agreement PROPRIETARY INFORMATION 03/31/98 -- v4.0 14 Confidential Materials omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Asterisks denote omissions.
Vendor will. (i) immediately notify Company in writing of any complaint or Data Subject Rights Request it receives from a third party with respect to the Processing of Personal Data, (ii) at the direction of Company, promptly cooperate and assist Company in responding to any Data Subject Rights Request; and
Vendor will. (a) not do any act or thing which would or might in any way adversely affect the rights of BCEI hereunder;
Vendor will. (1) Monitor, measure, analyze and tune system performance to meet agreed upon Service Levels.
Vendor will. (1) assist ACI in defining and documenting application code (i.e., JCL and application program elements) promotion standards and acceptance criteria for moving application code from test libraries into production libraries; and
Vendor will a. manage storage on all of ACI’s server platforms including, but not limited, to [ * ] and
Vendor will. (1) based on ACI’s requirements and ACI’s approval, define the frequency, security, and types of required data backup as well as the retention periods for the data;
Vendor will. (1) perform periodic security reviews to validate compliance (for example, validating access authorization per ACI’s instruction, the correct use of logical control features) based on ACI’s security framework; and
Vendor will. (1) perform password resets for User IDs using ACI-provided and maintained employee authentication data; and