The Operator Sample Clauses

The Operator. 3.1 The Operator shall carry out and administer the day to day management of the joint venture activities. The activities shall be carried out in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the decisions of the management committee, the conditions specified in the Production Licence, applicable law and other resolutions made by the authorities. The Operator shall in its capacity as such neither have profit nor loss through the execution of its duties, unless otherwise provided in this Agreement.
The Operator. 19.1 KOSMOS is hereby designated as Operator for the conduct all the operations and activities in respect of the Exploration Permits and the Exploitation Concession(s) which will derive from the said Exploration Permits, until the creation of a Joint Operating Company or until such time as it ceases to be Operator in accordance with the provisions of the Association Contract.
The Operator. 3.1.1. May charge fees for the third party services provided through the Operator’s network.
The Operator. 4.1 DESIGNATION AME is hereby designated and agrees to act as Operator under and subject to the terms of this Agreement.
The Operator. (a) shall submit Claims in compliance with Applicable Law, College Rules and Ministry Policies;
The Operator. (a) So long as (i) any Controlling Member is a Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Member and (ii) the MAO has not been terminated by the Company due to an event of default thereof by the Operator or a resignation of the Operator, the Operator shall be either (1) SLNG or (2) any other Affiliate of the Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Member, as appointed by the Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Member with the approval of the Board by Required Consent, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld. In the event any Affiliate of the Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Member other than SLNG is appointed as the Operator such new operator must assume all obligations of SLNG under the MAO. If there is no Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Member as a Controlling Member or the MAO has been terminated by the Company due to a material breach thereof by the Operator or a resignation by the Operator, then the Board shall designate the replacement Operator by Required Consent, provided, however, any Operator appointed by the Board that is not an Affiliate of the Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Member shall be required to execute a new operating agreement in such form as the Company and the new operator consider appropriate; provided that the new operating agreement will contain (X) indemnification by the new operator in favor of SLNG for any damages to SLNG’s property and facilities at Xxxx Island caused by the new Operator, subject to reasonable time limits, caps or other qualifications or limitations acceptable to the Company and (Y) minimum tangible net worth and credit standards for the new Operator at least as strong as those requirements for the Operator under the MAO. In the event the Operator is to be replaced as provided herein or as set forth in the MAO, the Operator being replaced shall remain the Operator until a replacement Operator is in place or other arrangements can be made to put in place the replacement Operator.
The Operator. 17.1 The Operator shall be the Party designated as such in the Association Contract for the conduct of operations relating to the Exploration Permits and any Exploitation Concessions until such time as its operatorship terminates in accordance with the provisions specified in the Association Contract.
The Operator. 1.The Operator will perform faithfully and to the best of his/her ability the necessary duties in connection with training the trainee, including:
The Operator. (i) must ensure that each Authorised User complies with the terms and conditions of the TOS; and
The Operator. (i) shall not operate a smart card system, other than the Authority’s smart card system, for the discharge of fares; and