Language Services Sample Clauses

Language Services. The facilitation of access to court services through the assistance of an interpreter, bilingual staff, or by means of translation.
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Language Services. The following Particular Conditions form part of the Conditions of Contract and shall have the effect of amending, replacing or adding to the Conditions as indicated.
Language Services. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. Director Office of:
Language Services. MEDIA MARKET translation projects are always commissioned as full translation projects. Full translation is one task and is defined as the combination of translation (including leveraging) and post-translation editing. Review (revision), proofreading, language QA and language sign-off are other (separate) language-related tasks. FULL TRANSLATION: TRANSLATION + POST-TRANSLATION EDITING Translation is defined as the full conversion of source language into target language. The translator is not only responsible for translating the text but also for correct use of the style conventions applicable to the target language (i.e. type of quotation marks, punctuation of bulleted lists, capitalization of headings, etc.). Furthermore, the target text should be consistent with all reference materials, including legacy text, style guides, terminology and client-specific or project-specific instructions, as well as any specified conventions and accepted terminology that may exist within the subject field. Any other (non-language) file characteristics should be left unchanged. This applies to all deliverables. Post-translation editing is defined as a series of post-translation checks during which the translator verifies that all agreed requirements and accepted quality standards have been met in the target language. Post-translation editing typically consists of the following checks: LANGUAGE FEATURES • Translation is linguistically correct • Translation accurately conveys the information in the source text • The terminology used in the target language is consistent with: o glossaries o existing software! UI translations o translation memories (using concordance) o reference materials (e.g. existing translations that are not contained in translation memory, or client preferences) o established terminology within the field o other files and components (UI, Help, documentation) within the same project • All responses to queries have been processed (in multilingual projects, this includes all relevant Q&A for all languages) • A spell-check has been carried out (if not available in the CAT tool, the text should be copied into Word in order to do a spell check) FILE FEATURES • Body text has been translated in all files • Other relevant text has been translated, such as: o Picture callouts o Captions o Graphics o Marginalia o Table of Contents (T0C) (if not automatically generated) o Index (if not automatically generated) o Text in boxes/frames o Headers/footers o Footnotes, en...
Language Services. Ngarra Jarra means ‘Healing’ in the Woiwurrung language of the Wurundjeri People. The Ngarra Jarra Aboriginal Health Program xxxxx:// is committed to promoting the highest levels of care for our patients. In realising this goal, Xxxxxx Xxxxx Aboriginal Health Program collaborates with professionals, participates in project and service improvement work, teaching, and the use of person-centred evidence-based practice. The Ngarra Jarra Aboriginal Health Program provides services on all three campuses of Austin Health, from the Emergency Department through to bed- based services and ongoing ambulatory care. Purpose and Accountabilities
Language Services. Employees covered by this Agreement, who are required to speak a second language as part of the normal routine of their job and that status is reflected in the employee’s job description, will receive eight hundred dollars ($800.00) per year provided they pass a conversational proficiency test offered by the Foreign Testing Agency or other entity approved by the Department. In the event that American Sign Language is requested, a contractual employee will provide the service. The premium pay ($800.00 per year) will be paid in two lump sum payments reflected in the employee’s biweekly paycheck.
Language Services. The Ngarra Jarra Aboriginal Health Unit is committed to promoting culturally appropriatepatient-centered care for Aboriginal patients. The Ngarra Jarra Aboriginal Health Unit provides services on all three campuses of Austin Health. The Unit provides care across the continuum from the Emergency Department through bed-based services and ongoing ambulatory care. Purpose and Accountabilities Role Specific: Clinical • Assist and support Aboriginal and Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Islander patients and their familiesthrough culturally appropriate advocacy, liaison, emotional support. • Assist patients and family members to understand medical procedures and routines • Support patients to make decisions about their care. • Complete an assessment with a focus on health and wellbeing issues. • Assist patients and families to access resources to help them manage their hospitalstay. • Provide social support assistance to Aboriginal patients to access outpatientappointments. • Refer patients to a range of services (internal and external). • Proactively work with community agencies to establish pathways and provide culturally sensitive care and appropriate referrals for Aboriginal and Xxxxxx StraitIslander patients. • Document outcomes in the patient medical history and clinical systems. • Work within a multi-disciplinary health team to ensure best possible health and well-being outcomes for Aboriginal and/or Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Islander patients. • Contribute culturally appropriate solutions in relation to Aboriginal patient care anddischarge planning.
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Language Services. Upon entering into an Assignment, Capita hereby engages the Interpreter to provide the Services. Capita will detail the Assignment to the Interpreter in a format in accordance with Attachment 1 appended hereto (such detail shall be referred to as the Job Confirmation) on a non-exclusive basis and the Interpreter hereby agrees to provide the Services upon the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement and in accordance with the Attachments. In the event that an Interpreter undertakes any activity which has not been detailed by Capita in accordance with this Clause 1, Capita shall have no obligation in respect of payment or otherwise in favour of the Interpreter. Furthermore the Interpreter shall have no rights under this Agreement in respect of any such activity which is not detailed by Capita in accordance with this Clause 1.
Language Services. 3.2.1 CONTRACTOR shall provide staff to meet the language needs of the COUNTY’s CalWORKs participants receiving services from CONTRACTOR as specified in Technical Exhibit 13.6 for participants in CalWORKs Stage 1 and Stage 2. When staff cannot meet the language needs of the participant, the CONTRACTOR shall utilize other options such as contracted interpreters or Language Line Services. CONTRACTOR staff must not request that the applicant/participant bring her/his own interpreter. The applicant/participant shall retain the right to use her/his own interpreter, but shall never be required to do so. The use of minors as interpreters is strongly discouraged, except in emergency situations and at the participant’s request.
Language Services. The City shall provide the language services required by legislation, including the following:
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