Warranty Sample Clauses

Warranty. Contractor expressly warrants that the goods covered by this Contract are 1) free of liens or encumbrances, 2) merchantable and good for the ordinary purposes for which they are used, and 3) fit for the particular purpose for which they are intended. Acceptance of this order shall constitute an agreement upon Contractor’s part to indemnify, defend and hold County and its indemnities as identified in paragraph “Z” below, and as more fully described in paragraph “Z,” harmless from liability, loss, damage and expense, including reasonable counsel fees, incurred or sustained by County by reason of the failure of the goods/services to conform to such warranties, faulty work performance, negligent or unlawful acts, and non-compliance with any applicable state or federal codes, ordinances, orders, or statutes, including the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and the California Industrial Safety Act. Such remedies shall be in addition to any other remedies provided by law.
Warranty. The Engineer warrants that it has not employed or retained any company or person, other than a bona fide employee working solely for the Engineer, to solicit or secure this contract and that it has not paid or agreed to pay any company or engineer any fee, commission, percentage, brokerage fee, gifts, or any other consideration, contingent upon or resulting from the award or making of this contract.
Warranty. The Contractor warrants to the ordering entity that materials and equipment furnished under the Contract will be free from defects not inherent in the quality required or permitted, and that the work will conform to the requirements of the contract. Work not conforming to these requirements, including substitutions not properly approved and authorized in writing may be considered defective. The Contractor’s warranty excludes remedy for damage or defect caused by abuse, modifications not executed by the Contractor, improper or insufficient maintenance, improper operation, or normal wear and tear and normal usage. If requested, the Contractor shall furnish satisfactory evidence as to the kind and quality of materials and equipment used. All installation materials and labor shall be guaranteed for a period of one (1) year following the date of final acceptance. During the first year following acceptance, the Contractor shall, upon notification by the ordering entity of any malfunctions, make necessary repairs, including labor, travel, and materials, at the Contractor’s expense.
Warranty. Minimum acceptable warranty will be for a period of one year from the date of product acceptance by the ordering entity. Warranty shall cover defects in material and workmanship and shall cover all costs associated with the repair or replacement of defective items including labor, parts, transportation costs, travel time and expense, and any other costs associated with such repair or replacement. If anytime during the first (1) year warranty period the product does not perform in accordance to manufacturer’s specification, the successful contractor will be notified in writing. The contractor shall pick up the product at the contractor’s expense, and replace with product that meets or exceeds prior assembled product. Should product performance remain unacceptable to ordering entity, entity may request a full return of the purchase price (including taxes).
Warranty. Contractor warrants all Work under the Contract (which for purposes of this Section shall be deemed to include unauthorized work which has not been removed and any non-conforming materials incorporated into the Work) to be of good quality and free from any defective or faulty material and workmanship. Contractor agrees that for a period of one year (or the period of time specified elsewhere in the Contract or in any guarantee or warranty provided by any manufacturer or supplier of equipment or materials incorporated into the Work, whichever is later) after the date of final acceptance, Contractor shall within ten (10) days after being notified in writing by the District of any defect in the Work or non-conformance of the Work to the Contract, commence and prosecute with due diligence all Work necessary to fulfill the terms of the warranty at its sole cost and expense. Contractor shall act sooner as requested by the District in response to an emergency. In addition, Contractor shall, at its sole cost and expense, repair and replace any portions of the Work (or work of other contractors) damaged by its defective Work or which becomes damaged in the course of repairing or replacing defective Work. For any Work so corrected, Contractor’s obligation hereunder to correct defective Work shall be reinstated for an additional one year period, commencing with the date of acceptance of such corrected Work. Contractor shall perform such tests as the District may require to verify that any corrective actions, including, without limitation, redesign, repairs, and replacements comply with the requirements of the Contract. All costs associated with such corrective actions and testing, including the removal, replacement, and reinstitution of equipment and materials necessary to gain access, shall be the sole responsibility of Contractor. All warranties and guarantees of subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers with respect to any portion of the Work, whether express or implied, are deemed to be obtained by Contractor for the benefit of the District, regardless of whether or not such warranties and guarantees have been transferred or assigned to the District by separate agreement and Contractor agrees to enforce such warranties and guarantees, if necessary, on behalf of the District. In the event that Contractor fails to perform its obligations under this Section, or under any other warranty or guaranty under this Contract, to the reasonable satisfaction of the District,...
Warranty. SELLER warrants that all Work furnished pursuant to this Contract shall strictly conform to applicable specifications, drawings, samples, descriptions, and other requirements of this Contract and be free from defects in design, material, and workmanship. This warranty shall begin upon final acceptance and extend for a period of one (1) year. If any nonconforming Work is identified within the warranty period, SELLER, at LOCKHEED XXXXXX'x option, shall promptly repair, replace, or reperform the Work. Transportation of replacement Work, return of nonconforming Work, and reperformance of Work shall be at SELLER's expense. If repair, or replacement, or reperformance of Work is not timely, LOCKHEED XXXXXX may elect to return, reperform, repair, replace, or reprocure the non-conforming Work at SELLER's expense. All warranties shall run to LOCKHEED XXXXXX and its customers.