Warranty Sample Clauses

Warranty. Contractor expressly warrants that the goods covered by this Contract are 1) free of liens or encumbrances, 2) merchantable and good for the ordinary purposes for which they are used, and 3) fit for the particular purpose for which they are intended. Acceptance of this order shall constitute an agreement upon Contractor’s part to indemnify, defend and hold County and its indemnities as identified in paragraph “Z” below, and as more fully described in paragraph “Z,” harmless from liability, loss, damage and expense, including reasonable counsel fees, incurred or sustained by County by reason of the failure of the goods/services to conform to such warranties, faulty work performance, negligent or unlawful acts, and non-compliance with any applicable state or federal codes, ordinances, orders, or statutes, including the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and the California Industrial Safety Act. Such remedies shall be in addition to any other remedies provided by law.
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Warranty. SAP warrants that the Software will substantially conform to the specifications contained in the Documentation for six months following delivery. The warranty shall not apply: (i) if the Software is not used in accordance with the Documentation; or (ii) if the defect is caused by a Modification or Add-on (other than a Modification or Add-on made by SAP and which is provided through SAP Support or under warranty), Licensee or third-party software; or (iii) to any Licensee unlicensed activities. SAP does not warrant that the Software will operate uninterrupted or that it will be free from minor defects or errors that do not materially affect such performance, or that the applications contained in the Software are designed to meet all of Licensee's business requirements. Provided Licensee notifies SAP in writing with a specific description of the Software’s nonconformance within the warranty period and SAP validates the existence of such nonconformance, SAP will, at its option: a) repair or replace the nonconforming Software, or b) refund the license fees paid for the applicable nonconforming Software in exchange for a return of such nonconforming Software. This is Licensee’s sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty.
Warranty. The Contractor warrants to the Owner that materials and Equipment furnished under the Agreement will be of good quality and new unless otherwise required or permitted by the Contract Documents, that the Work will be free from defects not inherent in the quality required or permitted, and that the Work will conform with the requirements of the Contract Documents. Work not conforming to these requirements, including substitutions not properly approved and authorized, may be considered defective. If required by the Owner, the Contractor shall furnish satisfactory evidence as to the kind and quality of materials and Equipment. Except as may be otherwise provided in the Project Manual, the Contractor shall replace, repair or make good, without cost to the Owner, any defects or faults arising within one (1) year after date of acceptance of Work and Equipment or materials furnished hereunder (acceptance not to be unreasonably delayed) resulting from imperfect or defective Work done or Equipment or materials furnished by the Contractor.
Warranty. Contractor warrants all Work under the Contract (which for purposes of this Section shall be deemed to include unauthorized work which has not been removed and any non-conforming materials incorporated into the Work) to be of good quality and free from any defective or faulty material and workmanship. Contractor agrees that for a period of one year (or the period of time specified elsewhere in the Contract or in any guarantee or warranty provided by any manufacturer or supplier of equipment or materials incorporated into the Work, whichever is later) after the date of final acceptance, Contractor shall within ten (10) days after being notified in writing by the District of any defect in the Work or non-conformance of the Work to the Contract, commence and prosecute with due diligence all Work necessary to fulfill the terms of the warranty at its sole cost and expense. Contractor shall act sooner as requested by the District in response to an emergency. In addition, Contractor shall, at its sole cost and expense, repair and replace any portions of the Work (or work of other contractors) damaged by its defective Work or which becomes damaged in the course of repairing or replacing defective Work. For any Work so corrected, Contractor’s obligation hereunder to correct defective Work shall be reinstated for an additional one year period, commencing with the date of acceptance of such corrected Work. Contractor shall perform such tests as the District may require to verify that any corrective actions, including, without limitation, redesign, repairs, and replacements comply with the requirements of the Contract. All costs associated with such corrective actions and testing, including the removal, replacement, and reinstitution of equipment and materials necessary to gain access, shall be the sole responsibility of Contractor. All warranties and guarantees of subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers with respect to any portion of the Work, whether express or implied, are deemed to be obtained by Contractor for the benefit of the District, regardless of whether or not such warranties and guarantees have been transferred or assigned to the District by separate agreement and Contractor agrees to enforce such warranties and guarantees, if necessary, on behalf of the District. In the event that Contractor fails to perform its obligations under this Section, or under any other warranty or guaranty under this Contract, to the reasonable satisfaction of the District,...
Warranty. Contractor warrants to City that the Services will be performed with the degree of skill and care that is required by current, good and sound professional procedures and practices, and in conformance with generally accepted professional standards prevailing at the time the Services are performed so as to ensure that all Services performed are correct and appropriate for the purposes contemplated in this Agreement.
Warranty. The Executive represents and warrants to the Corporation that (i) there are no claims that would adversely affect his ability to assign all right, title and interest in and to the Work Product to the Corporation; (ii) the Work Product does not violate any patent, copyright or other proprietary right of any third party; (iii) the Executive has the legal right to grant the Corporation the assignment of his interest in the Work Product as set forth in this Agreement; and (iv) he has not brought and will not bring to his employment hereunder, or use in connection with such employment, any trade secret, confidential or proprietary information, or computer software, except for software that he has a right to use for the purpose for which it shall be used, in his employment hereunder.
Warranty. Subcontractor warrants to Client and Contractor that any and all materials and equipment furnished shall be new unless otherwise specified and that all Services provided under this Agreement will be performed, at a minimum, in accordance with industry standards. All work not conforming to these requirements, including substitutions not properly approved and authorized, may be considered defective. The warranty provided in this Section shall be in addition to and not in limitation of any other warranty or remedy required by law or by the Prime Contract.
Warranty. The Investment Manager represents and warrants that (i) the appointment of the Sub-Advisor by the Investment Manager has been duly authorized and (ii) it has acted and will continue to act in connection with the transactions contemplated hereby, and the transactions contemplated hereby are, in conformity with the ICA, the Trust's governing documents and other applicable laws. The Sub-Advisor represents and warrants that it is authorized to perform the services contemplated to be performed hereunder.
Warranty. Consultant warrants that it shall perform the services required by this Agreement in compliance with all applicable Federal and California employment laws, including, but not limited to, those laws related to minimum hours and wages; occupational health and safety; fair employment and employment practices; workers’ compensation insurance and safety in employment; and all other Federal, State and local laws and ordinances applicable to the services required under this Agreement. Consultant shall indemnify and hold harmless City from and against all claims, demands, payments, suits, actions, proceedings, and judgments of every nature and description including attorneys’ fees and costs, presented, brought, or recovered against City for, or on account of any liability under any of the above-mentioned laws, which may be incurred by reason of Consultant’s performance under this Agreement.
Warranty. NLCS warrants that it is under no obligation to any other entity that in any way is in conflict with this Agreement and that it is free to enter into this Agreement.