Discipline Sample Clauses

Discipline. Disciplinary action is defined as dismissal, demotion and suspension. In addition, the appointing authority may reduce an employee's salary step. The salary may be reduced to no lower than step one of the five-step salary range, and the term of the salary reduction will be specified in the notice of intended discipline. The salary may be reduced either for a specified period of time or until the condition which caused the salary reduction has been corrected. The employee may appeal this action to the Civil Service Commission according to the same rules as apply to other formal disciplinary appeals. The City has a policy of progressive discipline. Discipline is intended to be corrective whenever possible. Discipline will be initiated pursuant to the guidelines outlined in the City of San Jose Discipline Training Handbook. When the need for disciplinary action arises, disciplinary action will be taken commensurate with the seriousness of the offense. The City recognizes the process of timely, fair and consistent disciplinary actions is a key factor in maintaining positive employer-employee relations. It is in the interests of both parties to have allegations of misconduct investigated in a thorough and timely fashion. The appeal process for any disciplinary action shall continue to be only those in effect at the time of the execution of this agreement. When an employee is being interviewed and the employee reasonably believes that the investigation is likely to result in disciplinary action, the employee has the right to request to have a union representative present during the investigative interview. No provisions of this Article shall be subject to the grievance procedures of this Agreement. The appeal process for any disciplinary action shall only be those described in the San Jose Municipal Code and City of San Jose Discipline Policy in the City Policy Manual and are not subject to appeal through the grievance procedure of this Agreement.
Discipline. 29.1 The Employer will not discipline any permanent employee without just cause.
Discipline. 10.1 The Employer will discipline employees for just cause only. Discipline will be in the form of:
Discipline. 17.01 When an employee is suspended from duty or terminated in accordance with paragraph 51(1)(f) of the Canada Revenue Agency Act, the Employer undertakes to notify the employee in writing of the reason for such suspension or termination. The Employer shall endeavour to give such notification at the time of suspension or termination.
Discipline. 10.1 The Employer will discipline employees for just cause only. Discipline will be in one or more of the following forms:
Discipline. Section 13.1 The City reserves the right to discipline or discharge any non-probationary Employee for just cause. Any such discipline or discharge shall be subject to the Grievance or Appeals Procedure, as applicable. In the administration of this Article, discipline shall be expedient, progressive in nature, based upon the circumstances of the offense and the Employee’s performance record, and be corrective rather than punitive (except in the case of termination). This principle shall not apply to deliberate or serious offenses which may lead to an immediate demotion or discharge. Pursuant to the City of Tulsa Charter and Civil Service rules, probationary Employees have no due process or property rights in their positions until after completing the initial probationary period, which shall mean probationary Employees cannot file disciplinary related grievances or appeals, or be the subject of such grievances or appeals.