Discipline Sample Clauses

Discipline. Disciplinary grievances will be initiated at the level at which the disputed action was taken.
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Discipline. 10.1 The Employer will discipline employees for just cause only. Discipline will be in the form of:
Discipline. 13.1 The School has absolute discretion to determine when student conduct warrants disciplinary action to be taken by the School and that the School may apply disciplinary measures that the School deems appropriate in accordance with the School’s Policies and Procedures, and which may include:
Discipline. 29.1 The Employer will not discipline any permanent employee without just cause.
Discipline. 1. No employee shall be disciplined by the State without just cause. Notwithstanding the foregoing, new employees in an initial probationary period may be dismissed without the necessity on the part of the State of establishing just cause. Disciplinary action shall be limited to the following: written warning, written reprimand, suspension, demotion, dismissal. The principles of progressive discipline shall be followed.
Discipline. The CONTRACTOR shall enforce strict discipline and good order among the CONTRACTOR’s and Subcontractor’s employees, and other persons carrying out the Contract. The CONTRACTOR shall not permit employment of unfit persons or persons not skilled in tasks assigned to them. As used in this subsection, “unfit” includes any person who the District concludes is improperly skilled for the task assigned to that person, who fails to comply with the requirements of this article, or who creates safety hazards which jeopardize other persons and/or property.
Discipline. Subject to the limitations of law, including but not limited to those of the FMLA, discipline may be imposed under the following conditions:
Discipline. The Committee shall have the authority to recommend discipline and/or cancellation of the Apprenticeship Agreement of the apprentice to the Company at any time for cause such as:
Discipline. 28.01 The procedure in disciplining an employee regardless of the amount of time on the project shall be:
Discipline. Disciplinary action shall include the following: Written reprimand Suspension (in writing) Demotion (in writing) Discharge (in writing) The listing of actions above is not to be construed as being necessary in progression or limiting the appointing authority or his/her designee's discretion as to which action to take. Should it become apparent during a counseling session between an employee and his/her supervisor that action beyond the documentation of such meetings is necessary, the meeting shall be terminated until such time as a Union representative may be present. Documentation of such counseling sessions or meetings may become a part of the employee's record. When there is a possibility that an employee may be disciplined with a suspension from work, demotion or discharge, such employee will be notified in writing of the possibility within fifteen (15) days of the incident giving rise to the possible discipline or within fifteen (15) days of when the State (management outside of the bargaining unit) first had knowledge of the incident. The provisions of this section are not to be construed as preventing disciplinary action being taken within the aforementioned fifteen (15) day period. Providing that the employee involved has completed his/her initial probationary period or extension thereof, the employee involved, if he/she so chooses, shall be entitled to representation by a Union representative when interviewed. In alleged matters of client/patient/inmate/student/resident abuse, administrative leave or other temporary action which does not result in a loss of pay for the employee involved may be taken to protect the clients/patients/inmates/students/residents until an investigation is completed, disciplinary is action taken, or management returns the employee to work. Such administrative leave or other temporary action shall not constitute discipline under this Article. In the event allegations of client/patient/inmate/student/resident abuse are substantiated, the employee shall be terminated. No employee covered by this Agreement shall be suspended without pay, demoted or dismissed without first having been given notice in writing of the disciplinary action to be taken. The conduct for which disciplinary action is being imposed and the action to be taken shall be specified in a written notice. Any employee receiving a notice of suspension, demotion, or dismissal will be afforded an opportunity for a Xxxxxxxxxx meeting with the appointing authority ...