Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx definition

Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx whose address and tax identification number shall be provided within five (5) days after this Settlement Agreement is fully executed by the Parties;
Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx means that certain Individual Property identified on Schedule II as “Xxxxxx’x Xxxxxxxx” and having a street address of 0000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, Nevada.
Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx means the hotel, gaming, retail, and resort property located at 0000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, Nevada 89029, and related properties, which property is currently owned by CERP.

Examples of Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx in a sentence

  • Notice to the Corporation should be sent to Cboe Global Markets, Inc., 000 Xxxx Xxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 00000, Attention: General Counsel.

  • Xxxxx, Ontario P6C 4H1 (000) 000-0000 IU Local 6 Windsor Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx 0000 Xxxxxxxx Xx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx X0X 0X0 (000) 000-0000 IU Local 7 Ottawa Xxx-Power Assoc.

  • By: /s/ Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Name: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Title: Managing Director, Co-Head of Healthcare Investment Banking [Signature Page to Sales Agreement] SCHEDULE 1 FORM OF PLACEMENT NOTICE From: [Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx] [Chief Financial Officer] Medicenna Therapeutics Corp.

  • The designated representative for the Provider for this DPA is: Name: _Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Title: _VP, Strategic Operations Address: _000 Xxxxxx Xx, Xxxxxxx, XX 00000 Phone: _000-000-0000 Email: The designated representative for the LEA for this DPA is: Lewiston Public Schools Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, 00 Xxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000 207­576­9690 IN WITNESS WHEREOF, XXX and Provider execute this DPA as of the Effective Date.

  • I confirm that Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Contract Manager, is authorized to sign a service agreement between Rapiscan Systems, Inc.

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Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. “Xxxx Xxxxx-Xxxxxxx” “Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx
Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. Name: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Title: President By: Name: Title: PHARMACO, INC. By: “Xxxxxxxx XxXxxxx” Name: Xxxxxxxx XxXxxxx Title: Vice President By: Name: Title: MICHICANN MEDICAL INC. By: “Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx” Name: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Title: President By: Name: Title: BRIDGING FINANCE INC.
Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. Xx. Xxxxxxxx"); Xx. Xxxxx Xxxxxx ("Xx. Xxxxxx"); Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx ("Xx. Xxxxxx"); Xx. Xxxx Xxxx ("Xx. Xxxx"); Xxxxxxx Xxxx ("Xx. Xxxx"); Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx ("Xx. Xxxxxxxx"); Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx ("Xx. Xxxxxxxx"); and each person who may hereafter become a Member (as that term is defined below) of Portfolio Boost, L.L.C. (the "Company").
Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. “Xxxx Xxxxx-Xxxxxxx” “Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx” “Xxxxx XxxxxxxxLETTER OF UNDERSTANDING Between: XXXX X. XXXXXXX CENTRE And: ONTARIO NURSES' ASSOCIATION Re: Occupational Health and Safety Committee It is a mutual interest of the parties to promote health and safety in workplaces and to prevent and reduce the occurrence of workplace injuries and occupational diseases. The parties agree that health and safety is of the utmost importance and agree to promote health and safety and wellness throughout the organization. The employer shall provide orientation and training in health and safety to new and current employees on an ongoing basis and employees shall attend required health and safety training sessions. Accordingly, the parties fully endorse the responsibilities of employer and employee under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The Occupational Health and Safety Committee will recommend appropriate solutions to promote health and safety in workplaces, including, but not limited to:  Violence in the Workplace (include Verbal Abuse)  Musculoskeletal Injury PreventionNeedle Stick Injury Prevention  Personal Protective Equipment  Nurses who regularly work alone or who are isolated in the workplace. Dated at Napanee , Ontario, this 28 day of June , 2019 . FOR THE EMPLOYER FOR THE UNION
Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. Facsimile No.: (000) 000-0000 If to Lender: Banc of America Strategic Solutions, Inc. NY1-503-05-06 000 Xxxxxxx Xxx. Xxx Xxxx, Xxx Xxxx 00000 Attention: Xxxxx X. Xxxxx, SVP Facsimille No.: (000) 000-0000 or to such other address as may be specified from time to time in a notice given by such party. All notices and other communications required or permitted hereunder shall be deemed given when delivered personally, mailed by certified mail (postage pre-paid and return receipt requested), sent by overnight courier or faxed (transmission confirmed), or otherwise actually received.
Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. Xxxxxx XxxxxxxLETTER OF UNDERSTANDING #5 BETWEEN: Pioneer Co-operative Association Limited, a body corporate, incorporated under the Co-operative Association Act, with head office in the City of Swift Current, in the Province of Saskatchewan, hereinafter called the “Co-operative”, OF THE FIRST PART AND: Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, Local 950, affiliated with the Saskatchewan Joint Board, Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, hereinafter called the “Union”,
Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx means Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Partners LP and Tudor, Pickering, Xxxx & Co. as financial advisors to the Ad Hoc Term Loan Lender Group.