The Project Manager Sample Clauses

The Project Manager s approval shall not alter the Contractor's responsibility for design of the Temporary Works. 19.4 The Contractor shall obtain approval of third parties to the design of the Temporary Works, where required. 19.5 All Drawings prepared by the Contractor for the execution of the temporary or permanent Works, are subject to prior approval by the Project Manager before this use.
The Project Manager. 64.1. The Project Manager shall not, however, have the power to issue an Extra Work order, except as specifically designated in writing by the Commissioner.
The Project Manager s approval of the Program shall not alter the Contractor's obligations. The Contractor may revise the Program and submit it to the Project Manager again at any time. A revised Program shall show the effect of Variations and Compensation Events.
The Project Manager. 4. The Project Manager shall produce a record of all the proceedings of the Operational Group
The Project Manager. 2.2.1 The "Project Manager" is the Capital Projects Management Division’s staff. The Project Manager reports to the County’s Department of General Services Capital Projects Division Manager. All communications from and to the Contractor will be channeled through the Project Manager. However, the Project Manager does not have the authority to bind the County in matters affecting adjustments to the time or cost of the project as defined in the OwnerContractor Agreement.
The Project Manager. 17.1 NI shall appoint a Project Manager who shall carry out the rights and duties assigned to NI in the Contract, and shall be deemed as NI’s representative for the purpose of Section 16 (NI's Covenants and Rights) above ("the Project Manager" or “PM”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Project Manager shall have no authority to amend the Contract.
The Project Manager is / Key Personnel are necessary for the successful prosecution of the Services due to their unique expertise and depth and breadth of experience. There shall be no change in Contractor’s Project Manager or members of the project team without the City’s approval. Contractor recognizes that the composition of this team was instrumental in the City’s decision to award the work to Contractor and that compelling reasons for substituting these individuals must be demonstrated for the City’s consent to be granted. Any substitutes shall be persons of comparable or superior expertise and experience. Failure to comply with the provisions of this section shall constitute a material breach of Contractor’s obligations under this Contract and shall be grounds for termination.
The Project Manager. (i) may only invite tenders for a proposed Major Works Contract if the Project Manager has first complied with this clause 8.2 in respect of such proposed Major Works Contract; and
The Project Manager. The Project Manager for this Project is (the "Project Manager"). In the event the Owner should find it necessary or convenient to replace the Project Manager, the Owner shall retain a replacement Project Manager and the role of the replacement Project Manager shall be the same as the role of the Project Manager. Unless otherwise directed by the Owner in writing, the Project Manager will perform those duties and discharge those responsibilities allocated to the Project Manager in this Contract. The duties, obligations and responsibilities of the Project Manager shall include, but are not limited to, the following: