Procedures to be Followed Sample Clauses

Procedures to be Followed. 11.8.1 An important part of each performance evaluation is the establishment of job targets (goals and objectives) for the coming evaluation period. Monitoring or "feedback" systems, if any, are to be discussed at this time.
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Procedures to be Followed. Approval of the request shall be dependent upon compliance with the following:
Procedures to be Followed. 3.1. In rendering the services set forth herein, the Supplier undertakes to follow the procedures described for such purpose in these Special Terms and Conditions.
Procedures to be Followed. 10.3.1 Performance evaluation reports shall be made on prescribed forms and shall be prepared by the unit member's immediate supervisor. The form shall be reviewed by the next higher level supervisor. Evaluation of unit members shall be based on consistent observation and review by the evaluator. The immediate supervisor will insure that each unit member is informed verbally initially and then, in writing, of any request to perform job duties that are not expressly required to be performed in the job description applicable to that employee on an ongoing basis. No performance evaluation shall be based upon hearsay statements unless the evaluator has conducted an investigation and has substantiated the statements. Such hearsay statements shall be in writing, dated and signed by the informant. This information shall become a part off the unit member’s official personnel file.
Procedures to be Followed. Performance reports shall be made on forms prescribed by the District. Evaluations should be preceded by observation. Evaluations should be based upon observation and direct knowledge, and not upon unsubstantiated charges or rumors. No evaluation shall be based upon derogatory written materials where the unit member has not previously been given notice and opportunity to review and comment on, and have such comments attached to the material.
Procedures to be Followed. Disciplinary action may result from unsatisfactory performance and/or conduct. The following procedural steps are to be followed.
Procedures to be Followed. (Here describe the research procedures to be followed, including duration of the subject’s participation. Experimental procedures must be identified. This section is required.) Risks to study participants: (Describe any reasonably foreseeable risks or discomfort to the subject. This section is required.) Benefits to research participants and others: (Here describe benefits, if any, to the subject or to others which may reasonably be expected from the research. Do not list compensation, if any, as a benefit. If there are no benefits to the subject, indicate that there are none. This section is required.) Alternative procedures or treatments available to potential research participants: (Here list any appropriate alternative procedures or courses of treatment that might be advantageous to the subject. If none are known, omit this section.) Record keeping and confidentiality: (Describe record keeping procedures, including who will have access to records, whether and how confidentiality will be maintained, and what information is expected to be reported. Include the following statement, “Records of your participation in this study will be held confidential so far as permitted by law. However, the study investigators, the sponsor or it’s designee and, under certain circumstances, the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Institutional Review Board (WPI IRB) will be able to inspect and have access to confidential data that identify you by name. Any publication or presentation of the data will not identify you.” This section is required.) Compensation or treatment in the event of injury: (If the research involves more that minimal risk of injury or harm, explain whether any compensation or whether any medical treatment is available in the event of injury. Explain the nature of any compensation or treatment, and where further information may be obtained. Include the following statement, “You do not give up any of your legal rights by signing this statement.” This section is required.) Cost/Payment: (Describe amount and type of subject compensation, if applicable. If none, omit this section.) For more information about this research or about the rights of research participants, or in case of research-related injury, contact: (Fill in your contact information or make reference to information provided at top of page. In addition, include the contact information for the IRB Chair (Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, Tel. 000-000-0000, Email: and the University Complianc...
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Procedures to be Followed. 3.1 Definition of surplus The reasons for a promoted post to be considered surplus may be : • The closure or amalgamation of school(s). • Where the circumstances of a school e.g. a falling roll have caused the school to have more promoted posts than it is entitled to under the Council’s devolved school management scheme • Where a future review, either at service or Establishment level, of promoted posts structures takes place
Procedures to be Followed. 6.3.1 Performance evaluation reports shall be written on prescribed forms with attachments as required. Evaluations shall be based on consistent observation and review between the evaluator and unit member. The immediate supervisor will ensure that the unit member is informed, in writing, of his/her job duties, responsibilities and objectives.
Procedures to be Followed. 11.8.5 Each evaluation shall reflect the judgment and review of the evaluator. The evaluator may seek input from other employees who have a direct working relationship with the employee to be evaluated. Any category evaluated as “Needs Improvement” or “Unsatisfactory” shall include written recommendations for correction unless the District intends to commence dismissal proceedings. 11.9
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