Union Notification Sample Clauses

Union Notification. Whenever a posted position has been filled by hiring from the outside, the Union shall be notified.
Union Notification. The Union shall be notified in writing by the department head in the department involved at the time each leave of absence is recommended, denied or authorized, indicating the duration of the authorization and at the time of subsequent renewals. Seniority shall continue to accrue during an authorized leave of absence.
Union Notification. The Union shall be notified of all dismissals, suspensions and discipline of employees within two (2) working days of such dismissal, suspension, or discipline.
Union Notification. In all cases where MEBA-represented employees are notified of a positive drug or alcohol test result, WSF shall include the current version of the Union Notification Letter with the letter that notifies an employee that he/she has failed and/or tested positive under the WSF drug and alcohol testing program. It shall be MEBA’s responsibility to update or change the Union Notification Letter as needed, and provide WSF with a copy of each update. It shall be the obligation of WSF to include the current version of the Union Notification Letter as outlined above. If WSF believes any update to the Union Notification Letter is not appropriate to send employees, it will immediately notify MEBA and will continue to send the old version until the matter is resolved.
Union Notification. When there are any special return to work accommodations for employees on Workers' Compensation, the Appointing Authority shall notify the Local Union and, upon request, shall meet with the Local Union.
Union Notification. Whenever the Employers require Employees, they shall notify the Union office either in writing or by telephone, stating the location, starting time, anticipated work schedule, approximate duration of the job, the type of work to be performed, and the total number of Employees required. The Employers agree that no Employee will be sent initially to any other job site than the job site the Employee was dispatched to.
Union Notification. Within forty-eight (48) hours after any suspension or discharge, the Employer will notify the Union in writing of the discharge/suspension and the reason for this action. Failure to do so will not affect the termination or its validity in any way.
Union Notification. With respect to the subcontracting of work currently 33 subcontracting may be necessary. To enable the Union to suggest competitive alternatives which 34 might allow the retention of work within the bargaining unit, the Company will, at least sixty 35 (60) days prior to signing any agreement to subcontract work currently being performed by 36 bargaining unit employees, provide notice to the Union of its plans to subcontract work which 37 would directly result in the layoff of 25 or more bargaining unit employees. The Company will 38 provide information related to the potential subcontracting other than information it considers to 39 be confidential, proprietary or subject to nondisclosure provisions.