Induction Sample Clauses

Induction. The Secretary-Treasurer or the Senior Union Official shall be advised of the date, time and place of Employer induction sessions for new employees in order that a Union-designated representative shall be given an opportunity to talk to the new employees. Prior to each session, the Employer shall advise the Secretary-Treasurer or the Senior Union Official of the names of the new employees hired. Induction sessions for new employees shall be held at the Employer’s place of business within the first thirty (30) calendar days of employment any day between Monday and Friday at a time designated by the Employer between the hours of 0900 and 1700. There shall be no deduction of wages or fringe benefits because of time spent by the Union representative during these sessions. New employees shall receive regular wages while attending at these sessions but regular wages shall be limited to and shall not include any overtime even in cases in which the session is scheduled outside of and in addition to the scheduled work of the employees.
Induction. The Employer shall provide a copy of this agreement to newly hired employees within the first thirty (30) days of employment and shall introduce newly hired employees to a Union Shop Xxxxxxx in the workplace. The Shop Xxxxxxx will be given an opportunity, not to exceed fifteen (15) minutes, to talk to the new employee. The new employee and the Shop Xxxxxxx will not have wages or benefits deducted during this time.
Induction. 13.10 All new employees must complete appropriate inductions prior to being allowed to work independently or to operate company supplied vehicles or equipment. The designated manager makes the necessary arrangements for the following to be completed: general induction, site specific briefing, and vehicle/equipment instruction. The names of newly inducted employees will be made available to the Union’s site delegate. Ongoing Training
Induction. You must complete, when advised, the accommodation induction process. This includes completing online modules prior to checking-in and attending at least one orientation session within one month of checking-in (or at the earliest available session during the term of Your Licence Agreement). The orientation sessions are designed to ensure the safety, security and well-being of all residents and staff.
Induction. (1) A teacher in his or her first year of teaching shall participate in an induction process of one year's duration, unless the teacher and the employer agree that the induction process shall continue for a further year. The induction process shall be under the terms and conditions already established to assist the teacher's professional development. The employer shall provide a written statement to the teacher one term before the end of the teacher's first year, outlining the teacher's progress and development.
Induction. An induction program shall be implemented for all employees and shall include as a minimum:
Induction. (i) A nominee or nominees of the Union shall be given an unfettered, uninterrupted opportunity to induct into the Union all new transport workers as required. The induction will be used to outline the value of Union membership and to encourage the workers to join the Union. To this end the company agrees to ensure the following:
Induction. The Employer shall advise the Union’s designated representative the names of new employees hired. A union designate will meet with the new employee(s) during regular working hours for a period not to exceed fifteen (15) minutes. The union representative will be informed of the date, time and place of the meeting. This meeting will also be held during the first thirty (30) days of employment. The union representative and employee(s) shall have time off at their basic rate of pay (not overtime) to attend this meeting, even in cases where the meeting is scheduled outside of and in addition to the scheduled work of the employees.
Induction. For every 15 hours of class work in approved Learning Pro in-service programs in the targeted areas, teachers may be allowed one semester hour of Xxxxxxxx In-service Credit to move over on their salary schedule. The Xxxxxxxx Education Association-appointed representative and Xxxxxxxx School District Director of Professional Development will meet and determine which in-service classes are eligible for compensation or credit. Classes taken for horizontal movement on the salary schedule(s) must meet the following criteria: