Acceptance Testing Sample Clauses

Acceptance Testing. At the time of installation of a LIS trunk group, and at no additional charge, acceptance tests will be performed to ensure that the service is operational and meets the applicable technical parameters.
Acceptance Testing. The MCP shall have the capability to report all elements in the Minimum Data Set as set forth in the ODM Encounter Data Specifications and shall submit a test file in the ODM-specified medium in the required formats prior to contracting or prior to an information systems replacement or update. Acceptance testing of encounter data is required as specified in this appendix.
Acceptance Testing. After Contractor has installed the Licensed Software, the City shall have a period of [insert number] days (“Acceptance Testing Period”) from the date of installation to verify that the Licensed software substantially performs to the specifications contained in the Documentation. In the event that the City determines that the Licensed Software does not meet such specifications, the City shall notify the Contractor in writing, and Contractor shall modify or correct the Licensed Software so that it satisfies the Acceptance criteria. The date of Acceptance will be that date upon which City provides Contractor with written notice of satisfactory completion of Acceptance testing. If City notifies Contractor after the Acceptance Testing Period that the Licensed Software does not meet the Acceptance criteria of this section, then City shall be entitled to terminate this License in accordance with the procedures specified in Section 30(b) herein, and shall be entitled to a full refund of the license fee.
Acceptance Testing. Purchasing Entity may establish a process, in keeping with industry standards, to ascertaining whether the Product meets the standard of performance or specifications prior to Acceptance by the Purchasing Entity.
Acceptance Testing. On delivery of the Equipment and/or Software to Saint Luke’s (as applicable), and with Company’s assistance if requested by Saint Luke’s, Saint Luke’s shall, within sixty (60) calendar days after receipt of such Software, conduct acceptance testing, which shall include full-stress testing to determine whether, in Saint Luke’s sole judgment: (i) the Software meets the Documentation and provided specifications, provides the functionality and performance characteristics described in the Documentation, and otherwise performs in accordance with the Documentation or as stated elsewhere in this Agreement; (ii) the Software is capable of running at full load, on a repetitive basis, using a variety of Saint Luke’s actual data, without failure; and (iii) the Documentation for the Software meets the requirements in any proposal, response to request for information, or as stated elsewhere in this Agreement (“Acceptance Tests”). If the Software successfully completes the Acceptance Tests, Saint Luke’s shall so notify Company in writing within five (5) business days and the Software shall be deemed to be accepted (“Acceptance”). In such case, the acceptance date shall be the date that the Software satisfactorily completed all of the tests specified above (“Acceptance Date”). Notwithstanding any other provision contained herein, no warranty period for the Software or hardware which is provided as part of the Software shall begin until the Acceptance Date. If the Software fails to meet any or all of the specified Acceptance Tests, Saint Luke’s shall notify Company of such failure in writing and Company shall have fifteen (15) business days in which to correct, modify, or improve the Software or provide a new version of the Software, to cause it to meet each Acceptance Test. Thereafter, Saint Luke’s shall have fifteen (15) additional business days in which to repeat all of the Acceptance Tests specified above. This process shall be repeated as may be necessary until the Software meets the Acceptance Tests; provided, however, that if the Software does not achieve Acceptance hereunder within ninety (90) calendar days after Company’s initial written certification to Saint Luke’s that the Software is ready for Acceptance Testing, then Saint Luke’s shall have the right and option to: (i) cancel the PA (or the applicable Purchase Order for the Equipment) and request the removal of the Software failing to meet the acceptance criteria; (ii) receive a full reimbursement from Compan...
Acceptance Testing. Spectrum shall have a period of [***] ([***]) days from the date of receipt to test or cause to be tested Captisol supplied under this Agreement. Spectrum or its designee shall have the right to reject by notice to CyDex any shipment of Captisol that does not conform in all material respects with the Specifications at the time of delivery pursuant to Section 3.7 hereof when tested in accordance with accordance with the Specifications and other CyDex-approved quality control testing procedures. All shipments of Captisol shall be deemed accepted by Spectrum unless CyDex receives written notice of rejection from Spectrum within such [***] ([***]) day period describing the reasons for the rejection in reasonable detail. Acceptance or deemed acceptance of a delivery of Captisol shall not affect the product warranties given by CyDex under this Agreement.
Acceptance Testing. Following ACS’ notification to Symetra that ACS has completed any component or deliverable identified in this Agreement, including In- Scope Service Requests and Out-of-Scope Work Orders, at a mutually agreed scheduled time thereafter, Symetra shall begin testing the component or deliverable to determine whether such component or deliverable conforms to the applicable specifications and/or standards (collectively, the “Acceptance Criteria”). After Symetra has completed such testing or upon expiration of the agreed-upon testing period (the “Acceptance Testing Period”), Symetra shall notify ACS in writing either that: (i) the component or deliverable meets the Acceptance Criteria and that acceptance of such component or deliverable has occurred (“Acceptance”); or (ii) the Acceptance Criteria have not been met and, in accordance with subsection (c) below, the reasons therefor. If the component or deliverable is identified as being part of a larger, integrated system being developed thereunder, then any Acceptance under the terms of this subsection shall be understood as being conditional acceptance (“Conditional Acceptance”), and such component or deliverable shall be subject to Final Acceptance in accordance with subsection (d) below.
Acceptance Testing. (a) Following delivery to District of a System Deliverable and the installation or other implementation thereof, the System Deliverable shall be subject to acceptance testing by District. If District notifies Contractor that a System Deliverable does not satisfy or conform to the Final Criteria within the time period prescribed in the applicable Work Order (the “Initial Acceptance Period”), Contractor shall, at no cost to District, take whatever action is necessary to correct any deficiencies within thirty (30) calendar days after District’s notification to Contractor.
Acceptance Testing. At the time of installation of an LIS trunk group, and at no additional charge, the Parties will cooperatively test the same parameters tested for terminating Feature Group D Switched Access Service. See USWC's applicable Switched Access Tariff for the specifications.
Acceptance Testing. PSI is to conduct tests to the customer's site to ensure that the customer premise router can successfully communicate over the IXC Switched LAN Internet Access service. Service billing will commence seven business days after account creation by PSI. Additional tests will be performed thereafter to verify the proper operation of the on-site equipment package, the local access facility, and the PSI Internet infrastructure, including IP routing, DNS, Usenet news, and other services.