Union Recognition and Rights Sample Clauses

Union Recognition and Rights. The Union agrees that any activities relevant to the administration of the Collective Agreement or other Union activities, which must be conducted during working hours, will be carried out in a professional manner with primary consideration to instructional duties. Where the College feels that such activities are interfering inappropriately with instructional duties, the Parties agree to meet and resolve the matter.
Union Recognition and Rights. 2.01 The Society recognizes the Union as the exclusive bargaining agent for all projectionist employees of the Society.
Union Recognition and Rights. The Employer hereby recognizes the Union signatory hereto as the sole and exclusive collective bargaining representative of all Cement Masons to be employed or who are the Employees over whom the Union has jurisdiction of all Cement Masons to be employed, as such jurisdiction is defined by the Building and Construction Trades Department of the AFL-CIO as of the date of this Agreement. Subject to trade agreements and decision of the Impartial Board for Settlement of Jurisdictional Disputes (AFL-CIO), the Cement Masons OP&CMIA Local 919 claims for its members the Guide to Trade Jurisdiction as listed in Appendix "A".
Union Recognition and Rights. 11 5.01 Union Recognition 11 5.02 Scope of Agreement 11 5.03 Individual Agreement 11 5.04 Security 11 5.05 Union Deductions 11 5.06 Employer's Business 12 5.07 Stewards 12 5.08 Shop Xxxxxxx Representation 12 5. 09 Union Representative Visits 12 5.10 Superior Benefits 13 5.11 New Employees 13 5.12 List of New and Terminating Employees 13 5.13 Bulletin Boards 13 5.14 Badges and Insignia 13 5.15 Legal Picket Lines 13 5.16 Union Advised of Changes 13 5.17 Union/Management Committee 13 ARTICLE 6 - MANAGEMENT RIGHTS 13 6.01 Management Rights 13 6.02 Medical Examination, Vaccination and Inoculation 14 ARTICLE 7 - EMPLOYER PROPERTY 14 7.01 Return of Employer Property on Termination 14 7.02 Employer to Repair or Indemnify 14 7.03 Reimbursement of Legal Fees 14 7.04 Employer to Continue to Supply Tools 14 ARTICLE 8 - UNION/MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 14 8.01 Composition of Committee 14 8.02 Chair 14 8.03 Meetings 14 8.04 Purpose of the Committee 15 8.05 Scope of the Committee 15 8.06 Stewards 15
Union Recognition and Rights. Section One.
Union Recognition and Rights. 2 2.1 Bargaining Agent Recognition 2
Union Recognition and Rights. 2.01 BARGAINING UNIT DEFINED