Licence Agreement Sample Clauses

Licence Agreement. 1.1. Both the Delivery Centre and the Provider agree to comply with the terms of this Service Agreement.
Licence Agreement. At or prior to the Closing Date, Seller shall have entered into a renegotiated license agreement with B.M.E. on terms set forth on Section 7.2(h) of the Disclosure Schedule or on such other terms which are reasonably acceptable to Parent and Purchaser;
Licence Agreement. This licence is non-exclusive; this means that the data owner(s) can deposit and/or make available their Data Collection elsewhere. Copyright in the original data remains with the data owner(s) and is not transferred when data are deposited. This licence entitles the UK Data Archive to include the Data Collection in its holdings and to provide access to the Data Collection under the conditions specified in 2 Access Conditions. Please read all of the terms of this agreement if you accept the terms complete the details below and retain a copy for your records.
Licence Agreement. Each Customer shall be required to conclude a Licence Agreement directly with WeBill and thereby licence the Software directly from WeBill. If requested to do so by WeBill, the VAR will ensure that a copy of the Licence Agreement is made available to Customers in a manner determined by WeBill.
Licence Agreement. 5.1 During the Option Period Novartis may elect to enter into the License Agreement in the form set out in Schedule 2.
Licence Agreement.  Obtain signed Licence Agreement from Licensee.  Obtain a detailed itinerary of intended activities throughout the duration of the Licence (allows Supervising Party to see what activities are involved and what equipment use might be planned).
Licence Agreement. 1.1 Both the Delivery Centre and the Coach Educator agree to comply with the terms of this Licence Agreement.
Licence Agreement. 3.1. By using the Product the Licensee agrees to be bound by the Licence Agreement for the Product.
Licence Agreement. 1. The licence is for the full academic year and students are liable for the stipulated rate for the entire period even if they do not stay for all of it.
Licence Agreement. Subject to clause 17.5 or unless otherwise stated, this Licence Agreement: