Licence Agreement Sample Clauses

Licence Agreement. At or prior to the Closing Date, Seller shall have entered into a renegotiated license agreement with B.M.E. on terms set forth on Section 7.2(h) of the Disclosure Schedule or on such other terms which are reasonably acceptable to Parent and Purchaser;
Licence Agreement. 1.1. Both the Delivery Centre and the Provider agree to comply with the terms of this Service Agreement.
Licence Agreement. Each Customer shall be required to conclude a Licence Agreement directly with WeBill and thereby licence the Software directly from WeBill. If requested to do so by WeBill, the VAR will ensure that a copy of the Licence Agreement is made available to Customers in a manner determined by WeBill.
Licence Agreement. 1.1 Both the Delivery Centre and the Coach Educator agree to comply with the terms of this Licence Agreement.
Licence Agreement. The successful bidder has to enter into an agreement with the Trust at their cost duly affixing the non-judicial stamp value of Rs.100/- in the prescribed format. This executed agreement along with the subject tender document conditions, all those correspondence letters, note, clarifications if any etc., exchanged between the successful bidder and Ch.P.T shall be part of the agreement and will be a binding contract between the Ch.P.T., as the Licensor and the successful bidder, as the Licensee.
Licence Agreement. 1.1 By installing this software product (“CASPA”) or using any of the associated materials or documentation supplied with it, you (“the Licensee”) agree to the terms and conditions of this licence agreement.
Licence Agreement. Obtain signed Licence Agreement from Licensee.  Obtain a detailed itinerary of intended activities throughout the duration of the Licence (allows Supervising Party to see what activities are involved and what equipment use might be planned).
Licence Agreement. PinPoint SOFTWARE The financial implications are noted in the confidential Committee report. Joseph Groher Manager Finance Services LEGAL ATTACHMENT LICENCE AGREEMENT: PinPoint SOFTWARE Section 89(2) of the Local Government Act 1989 states that Council may resolve that a meeting be closed to members of the public if the meeting is to discuss contractual matters. If Council resolves to close a meeting to members of the public the reason must be recorded in the minutes of the meeting. Alison Lyon
Licence Agreement. Both the Delivery Centre and the Licensee agree to comply with the terms of this Licence Agreement. Subject to observance of the terms of this Licence Agreement the Licensee is authorised, subject to clause 3 below by this Licence Agreement to: