The Accommodation definition

The Accommodation means the twin-bedded study bedroom and Common Parts and kitchen facilities. This also includes all fixtures, fittings, equipment, furniture and floor coverings within it.
The Accommodation means the room and the building in which it is situated together with any land associated with the building;
The Accommodation means (in relation to each member of the Customer’s Party):

Examples of The Accommodation in a sentence

  • The Accommodation will always be left secure after access by any Authorised staff member, including the locking of a study bedroom if it was found to be unlocked on attendance.

  • The Accommodation Office will retain your data for a period of 2 years after you have graduated from the University in order to fulfil our obligations for crime prevention and detection and also for references where consent has been given.

  • The Accommodation Resource Center (ARC) helps navigate accessibility for students with disabilities by removing educational barriers and partnering with the campus community for inclusion and support.

  • The Accommodation Office will only collect personal data as required for the purposes described above.

  • The Accommodation Gatekeeper Team handles referrals on a same day basis and will arrange initial accommodation and transport to that accommodation as necessary.

More Definitions of The Accommodation

The Accommodation means SHARE BLOCK SITE 15, KULENI GAME PARK,
The Accommodation means the room and the building in which it is situated;
The Accommodation means Nido St Xxxxx, 000 Xx Xxxxx Xxxx, Glasgow, G4 0PS; Nido Haymarket, 0 Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, XX00 0XX
The Accommodation means any of our caravans, pods or cottages located at the Park
The Accommodation means the accommodation as indicated by
The Accommodation means UNIT 214 WEAVERS SHAREBLOCK
The Accommodation means UNIT 111 WEAVERS SHAREBLOCK