Professional development definition

Professional development means training programs for
Professional development means the essential knowledge and skills to develop or enhance generally accepted competencies in the early care and education and school-age field.
Professional development means a coordinated set of planned, learning development activities for teachers that are based on research, are standards-based and that meet the focus areas for professional development required by the Department.

Examples of Professional development in a sentence

  • Professional development will build the skills of staff members to prevent, identify, and respond to bullying.

  • Professional development will also address ways to prevent and respond to bullying or retaliation for students with disabilities that must be considered when developing students’ Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

  • Professional development plans (PDPs) for teaching staff and administrators, as always, should remain flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of the district, school, and individual educator.

  • Professional development is an important part of education and illness are unforeseen events.

  • Professional development strategies can be found under each goal.

More Definitions of Professional development

Professional development means a combination of focused, in-depth learning, practice, feedback, reflection, and expert support experiences designed to change participants' attitudes, insights, and/or perspectives; and ultimately results in improved professional practice. Effective professional development programs include ample opportunities for knowledge acquisition, skill mastery, descriptive feedback, and refinement of practice in the work setting.
Professional development means training and education designed to improve and increase the abilities of staff members.
Professional development means training to increase skills related to the occupation of education.
Professional development means a systemic process by which educators increase knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet professional and organizational goals that build capacity within the individual, organization, and education system for the purpose of ensuring success for all students.
Professional development means education by a licensee in order to maintain, improve or expand skills and knowledge obtained prior to initial licensure or to develop new and relevant skills and knowledge to maintain licensure;
Professional development means attendance at classes, seminars, workshops, conferences or forums, and participation in distance learning activities that improve one's knowledge, skills and abilities;
Professional development means training programs